C-scan: Product in Brief

The C-scan is a dedicated musculoskeletal MRI system specifically designed for limbs and joints examination such as the knee, calf, ankle, foot, hand, wrist, forearm and elbow. With its unique, ergonomic design it provides optimal patient comfort and avoids claustrophobic reactions.

C-Scan combines excellent MRI capabilities, enhanced productivity, full connectivity, and superior cost-effectiveness. C-scan gives high image quality, and it is easy to install also in a very limited space (required space 9 sqm).

It offers cost effective performance with low break-even, normally less than 1 examination/day, and no civil works. It runs from a standard wall-plug, and one only operator is required to run the system.


C-scan: Full Details

C-scan can boast the following system features:

  • Maintenance-free open permanent magnet
  • 0.2 Tesla field
  • No RF Shielding required
  • Very compact, installation space of 9 m2 required
  • Low Power Consumption: only 1 Kw in normal 220/110V power outlet
  • Ergonomic design for maximum patient comfort (no claustrophobia)
  • Complete set of dedicated optimized coils
  • All imaging sequences used in MSK settings
  • Full set of pre-defined sequences and protocols
  • User defined sequences and customized examination protocols
  • Multi planar scout
  • Windows based user interface
  • Extensive image viewing, analysis and elaboration tools
  • Sophisticated storage functionality particularly useful for systems connected to PACS network
  • Full DICOM connectivity

c-scan: Your natural choice for extremities


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