Ultrasound systems

Ultrasound diagnostic imaging systems: cart-based, compact and portable

Our primary Ultrasound mission is to expand the clinical utility of this cost-effective imaging technology. With applications ranging from orthopedics to regional anesthesia, emergency care, cardiovascular screening and general practice, our reliable and innovative systems are used in facilities around the world, including NASA’s Johnson Space Center echocardiography labs.
Today, we’re among the first 6 largest Ultrasound scanner manufacturers by volume in the world with more than 130,000 Esaote portable and cart-based ultrasound systems installed globally, and 6-7% market share.



MyLab™Alpha Esaote MyLab™One MyLab™Twice MyLab™Seven


Focused on the real diagnostic value and the unique "Twice Ultrasound Vision", the new MyLab™Twice with eHD Technology and CrystaLine is based on the concept of easy and fast diagnosis: the outstanding result is Premium Performance and Point-of-care Ultrasound. It represents a "paradigm shift" in the hospital organization, combining top performance and exclusive solutions able to change the daily clinical outcome. The unique "Twice Ultrasound Vision" with eHD Technology and CrystaLine perfectly fits the integrated patient management approach, allowing physicians to seamlessly integrate results from point-of care exam with imaging from standard workflow.


The new MyLab™ClassC delivers a reliable diagnosis and ensures every day productivity thanks to its up-to-date platform, with high-performance and advanced on-board technologies as well as simplicity and ease of use. Thanks to this high-level ultrasound system, prevention and quantification are easily available with a touch in its prevention suite. The additional unique feature, Opti-Light, allows to control the room lighting level directly from the system, through the specially designed controls located on the touch screen.

MyLab™GOLD Platform

The MyLab™70 XVG, MyLab™70 XVision and MyLab™60 are the new ultrasound systems within the MyLab™ GOLD Platform, designed to satisfy specialist medical requests from clinicians by extending the already high quality technology with integration, full data sharing, continuous workflow and unique advanced versatility.


EchoLaser represents the first and unique integrated solution dedicated to diagnostic Ultrasound and Laser thermal ablation therapy. EchoLaser is suited for echo-guided percutaneous laser ablation of biological tissue such as benign and malignant lesions in various organs in Interventional Ultrasound. 


MyLab™Seven with eHD Technology and CrystaLine focused on the real diagnostic value is an innovative ultrasound system able to deliver high-class performance and compact size. The wide 16:10 LCD monitor and large sized high-definition touch-screen reflect the main philosophy of the system: Productivity In Real-time means better diagnosis in less time. MyLab™Seven also includes built-in wireless access to provide easy and fast data transfer. This leads to an improved user comfort and clinical outcome as well as department throughput and efficiency.
MyLab™Seven with eHD Technology and CrystaLine is the right choice to drive healthcare innovation.

MyLab™50 Family

MyLab™50 and MyLab™50 XVision Family, the newest member of the revolutionary MyLab™ World, offers premium performance for general imaging and cardiac ultrasound scanning.

MyLab™40 Family

MyLab™40 Family with eHD Technology focused on the real diagnostic value offers compact console ultrasound systems designed to be the ideal solution both for the shared-service/general imaging and cardiovascular ultrasound department or clinic. Developed on the acclaimed MyLab™ platform, the MyLab™40 Family license-based modular architecture can be configured to meet the individual needs of its users in various applications.


MyLab™Alpha with eHD Technology and CrystaLine focused on the real diagnostic value is the new Premium Performance portable ultrasound system. It delivers top performance and high dynamism in very reduced size and weight in cardiology, general imaging and women’s healthcare. A wide range of accessories makes MyLab™Alpha as comfortable as a mainframe system when it is used in a stationary mode. They also offer a range of efficient “ready-to-go” solutions, when mobility and time are strictly important.
MyLab™Alpha with eHD Technology and CrystaLine: what you have been envisioning for a long time is now available.

MyLab™30 GOLD Cardiovascular

The MyLab™30Gold Cardiovascular represents the new standard in cardiovascular ultrasound systems, able to perfectly match the latest technological innovations with ease of use and portability. This new concept reflects and fully satisfies the recent evolution of the user needs: high performance and reliability on top of compactness and portability.


The MyLab™30CV ultrasound system is an evolutionary step in ultrasound technology. Weighing less than 20 pounds, it is the first compact ultrasound system to deliver premium console performance. And with mobile, portable or stationary configurations, MyLab™30CV can adapt to any clinical environment.

MyLab™25 GOLD

With the introduction of the MyLab™25Gold, Esaote establishes a new standard in the ultrasound portable systems class. In combination with the high-level of performance in general imaging, MyLab™25Gold represents the most demanding Shared Service department, covering and satisfying all clinical needs.


MyLab™25 is a revolutionary new concept in ultrasound technology.

It can come in a portable configuration, weighting less than 20 pounds, or - alternatively - as a console system with integrated and undetachable lightweight trolley.

MyLab™20 Plus

The MyLab™20Plus is created on state-of-the-art fully digital platform for high performance and reliability. It features a multi-application approach (radiology, women healthcare, vascular, musculoskeletal), and can be customized to meet every individual need. This compact console B/W ultrasound system is easily upgradable to colour and Doppler, and offers exceptional image quality and extreme adaptability.

MyLab™15/20 Family

The MyLab™15/20 Family is composed of the newest Esaote's compact console ultrasound systems.

The MyLab™15 and MyLab™15 XVision platforms are premium black and white systems with upgradeability to color and Doppler.


With the MyLab™Five mobile ultrasound scanner your need to make easy use of a powerful compact ultrasound system is fully satisfied. Clinical confidence, compactness, versatility, modularity, value: five reasons to choose the new MyLab™Five and its different available configurations.


The new MyLab™One represents the revolutionary high performance arm-held ultrasound scanner in just 12" full touch-screen display: due to its lightness and portability, it can be used even without a worktop, in complete autonomy by a single operator - given that it is wearable thanks to its unique features!


The MyLab™ Guide is the newest Esaote compact ultrasound system specifically developed for vascular access procedures and precise needle tracking, and for all those applications where portability is considered a key factor.

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