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In 2002 Esaote designed and introduced its own revolutionary cutting-edge system dedicated to Fusion Imaging modality, the Virtual Navigator, specially focused on Interventional Imaging where MRI/CT modalities are fused with real-time Ultrasound.

The Virtual Navigator advanced system allows the real-time visualization of enhanced Ultrasound Images thanks to the correlation with CT/MR gold-standard images. The combination of US with CT/MR reference modalities has as final result the data fusion of US and CT/MR images allowing to gain confidence in assessing the morphology in US images, specially in difficult-to-scan patients.

As a further step ahead Esaote introduces the capability of adding the fundamental information coming from PET imaging to Ultrasound modality, using CT scans coming from PET-CT examinations only for PET-Ultrasound fusion registration: read more at Virtual Navigator for Real-Time PET-CT/Ultrasound Fusion Imaging.

click to open a Power Point Presentation [4.5Mb]
Power Point Presentation [4.5Mb]


Discover the Virtual Navigator and Fusion Imaging solutions: Esaote at IOSF 2013 (Interventional Oncology Sans Frontières - Cernobbio, Como Lake - Italy, June 2013) broadcasts the unparalleled video focused on the state-of-the-art and future clinical solutions in Interventional Oncology using the Esaote VIRTUAL NAVIGATOR up-to-date modality: 

 IOSF 2013 - Esaote Symposium Video - Prof. L. Solbiati (YouTube)

IOSF 2013: Virtual Navigator - ESAOTE Symposium: State-of-the-Art & Future Clinical Solutions (YouTube)

Courtesy of: L. Solbiati, MD, G. Mauri, MD, S. De Beni, ESAOTE


  • a fast, easy-to-use advanced tool that combines the advantages of real-time imaging with CT/MR high spatial and contrast resolution
  • able to overcome all physiological and physical limitations that usually restrict the effectiveness of ultrasound scanning
  • able to offer more confidence in assessing the morphology in US images
  • potential applications related not only to liver, but also extendable to all patients and internal organs with reduced ultrasound answer (e.g. prostate, thyroid, etc.)
  • spatial retrieval performed by the ultrasound probe thanks to the magnetic system identification

Virtual Navigator Neurosonology - White Paper (authetication required)



Virtual Navigator

Real-Time US-CT/MR Fusion Imaging: The Solution to Interventional Procedures (Quicktime 6.9Mb)


The Virtual Navigator system configuration for the Fusion Imaging technology includes:

  • magnetic reference system (electromagnetic positioning device - fixed emitter and mobile receiver placed on the probe - to allow the correlation among US and CT/MR images)
  • Virtual Navigator application
  • ultrasound scanner

System Components for Fusion Imaging (Quicktime 4.5Mb)

Needle Guidance System 




Virtual Navigator Examination Procedure...

Why the International School of Fusion Imaging?...



Courtesy of:
Luigi Solbiati, MD
Tiziana Ierace, MD
Luca Cova, MD
Soraya Zaid, MD
Department of Radiology - General Hospital of Busto Arsizio (ITALY)


Virtual Navigator is not available for sales in the USA. 

Technology and features are system/configuration dependent. Specifications subject to change without notice.
Information might refer to products or modalities not yet approved in all countries.
For further details, please contact your Esaote sales representative.

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