The Technos Family has been designed to Make Your Life Easier. With its original design, incredible power and ergonomic features, easily adapts to every need. Smart and easy-to-use, it offers a highly ergonomic form and user-friendly interface.

Technos MPX, Technos MP and Technos Partner provide an innovative new digital beamformer and advanced electronics employing reprogrammable microchips which offer a clean image, virtually artifact-free and completely uniform, even with deep scans.

Advanced technology and greater comfort during routine use increases diagnostic confidence and a new generation of wide-band multi-frequency transducers helps in dealing with even the most complex diagnostic cases, or hard-to-investigate patients, even thanks to the Technos harmonic imaging.

The powerful contrast medium management technique relies on the aid of 3D tools, VPan expanded imaging, P.B.I. (Pure Brilliance Imaging) for image contrast optimization and dedicated software to help you to detect the most minute organ details and provide previously unthought-of diagnostic solutions.

Accurate high-speed Color Doppler supported by powerful Power Doppler (with directional capability) together with the unexpected speed of execution, the PC Windows NT® operating system and the total connectivity of DICOM service classes is at your disposal when using the Technos Family and its digital peripherals.


The use of contrast agents in the USA is limited by FDA to left ventricle opacification and visualization of the left ventricular endocardial border.
Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.


Technos Family. A Class of its own.

Clinical Image - Technos Family Clinical Image - Technos Family Clinical Image - Technos Family

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