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Executive Management Team

Esaote's technology gives visibility to research, but behind it is the clear vision of a management group, capable of transforming innovative projects into results and often into perspectives.

Executive Management Team  Executive Management Team

In recent years Esaote has focused on strengthening its international vocation, gathering skills and experience from different areas of the technological business and medical services, to face the increasingly demanding market demands.

Corporate & Staff Functions

Operational Business Functions

Commercial & Medical IT Functions

  • Western Europe Region - Massimo Guerra
  • Italy Country Business - Marco Mugnaini
  • APAC Region Business - Rachel Lin
  • EEMEA Region Business - Stefan Kreuzer
  • North America Region Business - Robert Lewis
  • Latin America Region Business - José Fonseca Munoz
  • Medical IT PACS - Gianluca Levrero
  • Medical IT Quantitative - René Guillaume
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