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Karl Heinz Lumpi

Chief Executive Officer

Karl-Heinz Lumpi is Managing Director and Group CEO of Esaote SpA.

Karl-Heinz Lumpi boasts a 20 year-experience in the ultrasound business, combining marketing and commercial roles with technology and R&D capabilities developed both in small and in large international organization. Karl-Heinz Lumpi served as a General Manager for Women’s Health Ultrasound in General Electric (GE) Healthcare with responsibility for global product development from value to premium products. In previous roles in GE Healthcare Ultrasound, he successfully led US Sales and the global supply chain in driving productivity and efficiency.

Prior to GE, Karl-Heinz was a member of Kretztechnik AG's board of directors, responsible for managing the change from a privately owned company to a public listing on the German “Neuer Markt”. He was also instrumental in the reverse IPO of Kretztechnik AG and the successful integration of the company into GE Healthcare.

During his long time experience, Karl-Heinz has contributed significantly to clinical and technology innovations in the 3D/4D Ultrasound sector, introducing technology to help clinicians improve patient care worldwide.

He is a graduate in Electrical Engineering from the Graz University of Technology in Austria.

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