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The research style of Esaote is based on open innovations by conveying external knowledge that, creates a valuable network which includes research centers, high-performance small suppliers, physicians, patients.

Research  Research

Facing innovative and high-tech areas means having and being able to control a project and a multi-tasking processes knowledge. It means also to foster a consistent basic industrial research. On a global scale, the Esaote technological success is due to investments in research and development and this is also showed by the relevant number of patents Esaote was granted.

The R&D structures of the Esaote Group employ about 220 people (equal to over 20% of total staff) and enjoy the co-operation of international research centres and universities. Esaote takes part in Italian, European and American research projects and over the span of the last 10 years more than 100 patents were registered.


R&D Facilities

Esaote technologies are the outcome of massive investments in research and development.
The research and development activities of the Esaote Group are divided amongst 3 centres in Genoa, Florence and Maastricht, where most of employees are electrical engineers, physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists.

Work on hardware, software and mechanical electronic design, development of prototypes, techno-clinical experimentation and various types of diagnostic equipment is carried out here.

The research laboratories, as in all the other corporate segments, operate in conformity to their own Quality Management System and all the products bear the CE marking, are FDA approved and have licences for practically all the countries in the world.


In the last 10 years Esaote has issued more than 100 international patents.

Since it was born, Esaote considers the safeguard of the intellectual property (IP) a strategic element, the hub of innovation. For this purpose Esaote established an internal office that - relying on a Professional Representative entitled to act before the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM), the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) and the European Patent Office (EPO) - manages all the issues about the Esaote Group’s industrial property.

This office deals with both national and international patents and trade marks registering, managing and maintenance, in order to guarantee the original ideas which distinguish the Esaote products in the world.

The office deals also with license and acquisition of third-party know-how contracts, in order to ensure the use of the most updated technologies to the Research and Development staff.