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Social Innovation

Science and Man share their own system of Progress. Esaote produces devices that enable to make prevention, diagnosis and treatment throughout the development process of the individual from the embryonic state to old age, deemed as a valuable moment of life course thanks to the prevention.

Social Innovation  Social Innovation

The company grew out of a feeling of cohesion among generations and it’s just this emotion that has to be constantly improved and increased through the Welfare and the social role of technological innovation. The project of science combined with technology is not only aimed at lengthening life expectancy, not only focused on enhancing an healthy life, but it’s also pointed to allow people to enjoy the quality of experience within the care process.

In this sense, we can say that it is open the "challenge " of “light” methods in health care, since they can facilitate to reduce costs at equal performance, drastically decreasing the invasiveness while maintaining diagnostic and therapeutic effectiveness.


A welfare careful to people and resources

The flexibility on the use of technology allows substantial savings to health facilities and the opportunity for the doctor to increase the number of patients under treatment.



G-scan enables to carry out weight-bearing examinations: this innovation has consented and still allows a determining diagnosis and therapeutic indications targeted for solutions avoiding redundant exams, leading economies linked to a better management of equipment and timing. Its social utility has been enhanced in Sweden by the possibility of getting reimbursement for this specific examination.


The compact design allows the machine installation in less than 9 square meters, while ensuring the patient’s maximum comfort. This allows hospitals to get a greater flexibility in meeting diagnostic requirements in MRI and to reduce costs for the single examination also thanks to lower power consumption and cost effective.


Sometimes the probe must be held in only one spot with constant pressure for a long exam, and this can be very taxing on the sonographer. We believe that with the Appleprobe design we have changed the way transducers are held, creating a new way to grip the probe and respecting the traditional grip of the probe that so many have become accustomed to. The main goal of Appleprobe is to improve the well being and safety of sonographers – especially their wrist, elbows and shoulders - making their work less painful and allowing them to focus on their patients.

Digital Healthcare

PACS systems allow to share all medical information among regional enterprise-wide healthcare IT networks. To citizens this means simplifying the deployment of medical services and populate the Electronic Medical Record. To Public Healthcare System it means greatly optimizing workflows and human resources increasing diagnostic accuracy, reducing hospitalization and costs and speeding up services via the web and mobile devices.