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Fusion Imaging for Poorly Visualized Lesions




Virtual Navigator is Esaote’s revolutionary technology for Fusion Imaging that allows CT, MR and PET to be viewed simultaneously with real-time Ultrasound imaging.

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LET THE FUSION BEGIN! CT, MRI, PET side by side with Real-Time Ultrasound

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Virtual Navigator uses all the advantages of different imaging modalities to provide a real-time, low-cost, radiation-free solution for guiding diagnoses. It is ideal for use in everyday diagnostic clinical practice, for interventional procedures, as well as for research and teaching.

Esaote’s Virtual Navigator enables real time fusion with multiple second modality imaging, bringing to the fore Ultrasound’s real-time capabilities , such as Doppler, CEUS and Elastosonography.

Virtual Navigator increases diagnostic confidence in order to:

  • Visualize lesions detected in CT/MRI/PET which are not readily visible with ultrasound
  • Plan the best approach in difficult-to-scan patients
  • Guide the operator to the region of interest – quickly and easily

Virtual Navigator aims to support interventional procedures, including tumor marking with Automatic Registration. This will support users with applications - especially for percutaneous procedures, as well as injections, drainage, ablations, conventional surgery and more. It provides:

  • Semi-automatic delineation of the lesion margins
  • Computed calculation of lesion volume
  • Definition of expected necrotic ellipse
  • Needle tracking capabilities


A wide selection of transducers enables the use of Virtual Navigator Technology for many applications:

  • 2D and 3D Convex probes for Abdominal application
  • 2D and 3D Linear probes for Thyroid, Breast, Small Parts, MSK and Vascular and Neurosurgery applications
  • Microconvex Probes for Small Parts
  • Endocavity probes for Urology and Gynecology
  • Intraoperative Linear for Surgery
  • Phased array for Neurosonology
  • Dedicated Interventional probe for Abdominal Biopsy


  • External marker
  • CIVCO Omnitrax Registration
  • One plane (registration) and One point (tuning)
  • Automatic Registration


  • Manual tuning
  • Internal marker
  • “One Point” AUTOMATIC Correlation

With One Point Registration, a new simplified workflow makes registration quick, easy and accurate.


  • Multiple layout selection with different overlapping levels and layouts (View finder and target, Blending modality, Contour extraction)
  • Compass representation for easier target finding
  • AutoSwitch: automatic selection of the second modality view with the highest spatial resolution
  • Ultrasound volume acquisition and Navigation (with automatic registration)

Treatment Planning:

  • Useful for covering the whole lesion with a safety margin: big lesions require multiple insertions, and critical structures must be spared
  • Creation of the expected volume of necrosis for virtual needle, based on the experimental and clinical data available

3D Pan:

Panoramic fusion of multiple Ultrasound volumes in one session:

  • Preview with tracker data
  • Fusion based on anatomical landmarks (Artifact correction such as breathing or compression)

3D PAN plus Virtual Biopsy for soft tissue navigation and intervention (Breast, Small Parts)

3D vascular reconstruction for brain navigation

3D PAN for breast reconstruction and lesion detection

The use of contrast agents in the USA is limited by FDA to left ventricle opacification and visualization of the left ventricular endocardial border.
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