• Our Identity

A key factor in the history of Esaote has been its search for leadership in Italy that helped to carry out a solid international expansion. Over the years the Group has shown great growth and skills in inserting itself into the business realities already present in Netherlands, France, China and the USA, where - at the end of the 90s - Esaote boasted the first acquisition.

Esaote Worldwide

Headquartered in Italy, Esaote has manufacturing and R&D facilities in Genoa, Florence and Naples (Italy), in Maastricht (The Netherlands), in Shenzhen (People’s Republic of China). Subsidiaries are present in the United States, China, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Argentina, India and Brazil. In Russia, Esaote has representative offices located in Moscow and through an international distribution network the Group operates in over 60 countries worldwide.

By being strong in its own territory, Esaote has been able in its 30 years life to reach global dimensions by using its ability to innovate and a strong team spirit shared by everyone in the Group.



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