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    Collaborative Spirit

Esaote shares the most difficult challenges to get to the most innovative results. The partnership with those who have the vocation to glimpse new goals allows us to experience increasingly cutting-edge technological responses.

Collaborative Spirit

Over the last ten years, Esaote has developed a chain of SMEs active in the fields of medical diagnostic instrumentation and of the clinical and management software for Healthcare, integrated with the companies working in the sector of advanced technologies.

Moreover, Esaote has established over the years important research collaborations with organizations and institutions in Italy, France, Croatia, Germany, United States, USA, Czech Republic , Holland, ...

Other important partnerships:




The ultrasound scanner used by NASA for the cardiovascular examination performed on the astronauts in flight on the Shuttle was manufactured by Esaote.

With CNR (National Research Council) for MARS 500

Within the project ARES [Astronauts Resistance Enhancement to Stress] to check the effects of stress on the heart chambers and the repercussions on the carotid intimal (endothelial modifications), is adopted an Esaote portable and latest generation ultrasound scanner, dedicated to cardiovascular applications.

With clinicians

Esaote and Luigi Solbiati (according to the American Journal of Roentgenology the world's second most cited author of scientific articles on radiology) have developed alongside the method of fusion imaging. Without the systems provided by Esaote, the research would have not been possible, without Solbiati’s insight, the Virtual Navigator would have not been created.

With high-tech companies

Echolaser, the first system integrating ultrasound and laser, aimed at the ablation of metastases, primary tumors of the liver and benign thyroid nodules, under the guidance of ultrasound images has been realized by Elesta Ltd., a company formed by Esaote along with El.En, an Italian company leader in the laser production.

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