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Benefit of the detailed educational white papers related to our products, technologies, methodologies, and clinical applications. Research findings, questions and tips, and specific highlights are now within reach to support your daily activities in the clinical field.

An insight in EACVI-ASE-Industry Initiative to Standardize Deformation Imaging

Deformation imaging, based on Speckle Tracking techniques, is a promising technology for the evaluation and quantification of cardiac mechanics. In particular, during the last decade, a growing body of scientific evidences has shown that this technology, can provide incremental information in many clinical settings.

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Vascular Biomarkers in Cardiovascular Risk Prediction & Radiofrequency-based Vascular Ultrasound Technology

Vascular Biomarkers in Cardiovascular Risk Prediction & Radiofrequency-based Vascular Ultrasound Technology. The use of cardiovascular biomarkers in conjunction with risk scores is expected to refine the risk stratification of an individual subject and to guide his therapy. Biomarker is a characteristic that is objectively measured and that reflects early functional and structural changes in cardiovascular system, before overt disease manifestation. Vascular biomarkers may be particularly informative.

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2D STE represents a new approach to quantitative assessment of the cardiac function, delivering incremental prognostic information over traditional clinical parameters. By combining 2D STE data gathered from multiple cardiac views, we have developed a further step ahead in the interpretation of LV deformation index, making it easier and faster than ever.

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Prevention Suite

Atherosclerosis is a systemic disease that remains asymptomatic for decades. With the integration of heart-vessel study (carotid IMT and stiffness with cardiac deformation index and coronary flow) we could draw a new roadmap to diagnose an early and personalized CVD risk assessment.

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Transducers are the core of Ultrasound technology. Integrating physics, electronics and geometrics in their design is the greatest engineering challenge of the signal processing chain.

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RF-QIMT & RF-QAS Atherosclerosis in Diabetology

New radio frequency echo-tracking technology provides real-time automated and highly accurate carotid intima-media thickness (IMT) and indices of large artery stiffness and endothelial function. In adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) this technique may be used to reveal very early atherosclerotic involvement, as well as to help monitoring adequacy of glycemic control and limiting incident cardiovascular complications.

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RF-Data provides physicians with extra help in the risk assessment of cardiovascular desease (CVD) and target organ damage (TOD). Accuracy, ease of use and reliability are the core of this innovative technological tool.

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EHD Technology

Diagnostic value enhancement and system usability optimization are the main key factors taken into consideration in the development of the eHD Technology. It focuses the whole ultrasound chain, from the transducer to the display, passing through signal processing and strategic features.

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