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For Esaote the impact of one's work on people and the environment is a topic of fundamental and growing interest.

Sustainability  Sustainability

Esaote operates in its business with the awareness that development is sustainable when it takes place within "environmental limits". Respecting these limits is for us not only a duty, but also an opportunity for innovation and efficiency.

We know and follow scrupulously and carefully the system of standards produced at international level to protect the environment, a complex system that allows us to relate to different cultures on sustainability. We have as our main reference the strict standards of European regulations, which help us to design our development in an increasingly green direction.

Our commitment is to create machines that are modern even in their ability to progressively reduce the impact on the natural system; we study materials and processes suitable for not consuming more than what is strictly necessary at the source to guarantee the quality of the performance. Our effort to increase sustainability-related projects is only at the beginning.


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Environmental Management System – Certifications

ISO 14001:2015 CSQ Certificate n. 9191.ES05 and IQNet Certificate n. IT - 91707


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