• We grow with People

    Corporate People

Core behaviors

The key behaviors that all those working at Esaote should adopt have been defined on the basis of the 5 values on which the company's Code of Ethics has been founded.


“We work as a team player. The best solutions and ideas come from working together recognizing the value that everyone is bringing”

  • - Be fair to people
  • - Invest in your team
  • - Ask for & Share success
  • - Seek others perspectives
  • - Seek and give feedback


“We do what we say we are going to do, with credibility, determination and passion to achieve the best performance in all the activities that we are involved in”

  • - Motivation
  • - Act quickly and decisively
  • - Be accountable for responsibilities


“We are true to ourselves and others, behaving with transparency, honesty and professionalism compliant to our internal and external requirements”

  • - Act with integrity
  • - Communicate openly
  • - Act coherently with your promise


“We strive to achieve the best results, with responsibility and accountability for our actions”

  • - Be achievement oriented
  • - Be ready to change
  • - Execute with energy

Customer focus

“Understand their needs and provide the most suitable solutions to become the best partner of choice”

  • - Simplify problems
  • - Have a customer orientation
  • - Be fairly competitive
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