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Clinical Need

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed malignancy in women worldwide. Serial screening with mammography is the most effective method to detect early stage disease and decrease mortality.

Nevertheless, identified factors such as increased breast density are expected to exploit supplemental risk-based screening with the use of a multimodality imaging approach.

Breast ultrasound detects additional early-stage, invasive breast cancers when combined with mammography.

Breast Ultrasound mammography and MRI

Supplemental screening with contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in high-risk women reduces late-stage disease; abbreviated MRI protocols may reduce cost and increase accessibility to women of average risk with dense breasts.

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Clinical Solutions

BreastNavTM solution, designed on a model-adaptive algorithm, represents on a virtual model the real shape and morphology of the patient’s breast.


  • FAST: with two sweeps the model automatically adapts breast shape to provide 1:1 correlation in real- time with ultrasound
  • EASY: BreastNavTM technology can track and record the probe’s sweeps, providing a visual feedback on the area covered by the probe
  • PRECISE: if a suspicious lesion is identified, it can be marked with a virtual target and saved within the patient’s ultrasound study, including a 3D localization rendering.
  • EFFECTIVE: BreastNavTM technology, during follow-up examination, shows the target previously saved, ultrasound reference image and the corresponding virtual-model probe position in order to quickly re-localize and re-identify the targeted lesion, backed up by a traffic light-feedback to identify the exact transducer spatial position.
  • COMPLETE: BreastNavTM environment can integrate other advanced technologies as microV, microE, ElaXto and QElaXto 2D, for a complete analysis of breast lesions.

Visual feedback of the area covered by the probe with BreastNav

Visual feedback of the area covered by the probe with BreastNavTM

3D lesion localization with BreastNav

3D lesion localization with BreastNavTM

Micro-enhancement technology microE, together with BreastNav

Micro-enhancement technology microE, together with BreastNavTM

Easy follow-up of breast lesion with BreastNav

Easy follow-up of breast lesion with BreastNavTM

ElaXto together with BreastNav

ElaXto together with BreastNavTM for strain elastography and assessment of breast lesions

QElaXto 2D together with BreastNav

QElaXto 2D together with BreastNavTM for shearwave elastography and assessment of breast lesions


  • Breast Biopsy tool in the BreastNavTM suite allows the real-time tracking of the needle and it increases confidence during ultrasound guided FNA (Fine Needle Aspiration) or MIB (Minimally Invasive Breast) biopsy or ablation procedures, helping the operator to reach the target quickly, precisely and safely.
  • The physical needle path is highlighted by a virtual needle on the real-time ultrasound, together with its 3D representation on the breast virtual model and the ultrasound transducer. A 3D sample mapping can be visualized as well, in order to display all the specimens where the biopsy procedure has been performed.
  • Thanks to BreastNavTM the target lesion can be visualized in a 3D environment, thus allowing the surgeon to have a qualitative immediate visual feedback on the area to be treated
Real-time tracking of the needle and the probe during biopsy procedures

Real-time tracking of the needle and the probe during biopsy procedures, with 3D localization of the biopsy samples.




BreastNavTM is powered by MedCom GmBH.
Technology and features are system/configuration dependent. Specifications subject to change without notice. Information might refer to products or modalities not yet approved in all countries. Product images are for illustrative purposes only. For further details, please contact your Esaote sales representative.

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