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The Group

Esaote is one of the world’s leading producers of medical diagnostic systems and internationally acknowledged to be the world leader in dedicated MRI. The Esaote Group is also one of the main players in the sector of Information Technology for healthcare.

The Group

The footprint of Esaote is sealed in the history of biomedical innovation and in the relationships that have led to change the world of diagnostics at an international level.

Since 1980, Esaote has focused its efforts on three main areas of diagnostic imaging, so to explore all the perspectives in a defined field of action. This has enabled us to gain credibility in the scientific environment and conveyed results in a highly competitive market.



The idea to build up Esaote originally came from Professor Carlo Castellano, who at the end of 1970’s promoted a new project for Ansaldo (IRI Finmeccanica Group), Genoa, in the biomedical electronics sector... 

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Who we are

Esaote is an international group engaged from thirty years in the research, manufacturing and commercialization of technological solutions for healthcare applications.

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What we do

Since its foundation, Esaote has focused its engagement on developing products and solutions both for non-invasive diagnostics - Ultrasound, MRI - and for Healthcare Information Technology.

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Mission and Vision

We bring together the best international expertise to be recognized as a solid and reputable medical imaging company... 

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The Esaote brand was born from the merger of ESA Group (Elsag-Selenia-Ansaldo) and OTE (Officine Toscane Elettromeccaniche) Biomedica, the two entities that gave origins to Esaote thirty years ago. 

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Esaote worldwide

A key factor in the history of Esaote has been its search for leadership in Italy that helped to carry out a solid international expansion. Over the years the Group has shown great growth and skills in inserting itself into the business realities already present in Holland, France, China and the USA...

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