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Physiotherapy Imaging

Physiotherapy Imaging - Ventral elbow anatomy

VIDEO recorded during ICMSU 2015, 1^ International Congress of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound - http://icmsu.com, which took place at the AMC in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
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Courtesy of:
Janniko Georgiadis, MD. PhD.; Assistant Professor at University Medical Centre Groningen, (NL)
Sussan Quinten-Dik MSc.; Lecturer of anatomy at University Medical Centre Groningen, (NL)
Marc Schmitz, PT. MT. MSc.; Content director ICMSU; lecturer and researcher at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Eindhoven; director and instructor Kiné Care, Roermond, (NL)

Physiotherapy Imaging - Ventral elbow anatomy: musculoskeletal ultrasound versus dissection

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