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Benefit of the detailed educational white papers related to our products, technologies, methodologies, and clinical applications. Research findings, questions and tips, and specific highlights are now within reach to support your daily activities in the clinical field.

Virtual Navigator Neurosonology

Virtual Navigator (VN) is an advanced system that allows the real-time display of ultrasound (US) images with other reference imaging modes (CT, MRI, PET, etc.). By overlaying the different images or displaying them side by side, the fusion of data acquired through the different modes is achieved with an increased ultrasound scanning accuracy and confdence.

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IQ IOT332 Probe

Esaote has designed a new generation of ultrasound probes, the iQprobes, developed with new materials and methods to get the maximum spatial resolution and highest image depth. The new iQ IOT332 probe is an intraoperative T-probe featuring Tp-View enlarged field of view, wider frequency range, compact profile and ergonomic grip, fit to perform compression maneuver, a probe conceived for surgeons.

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Transducers are the core of Ultrasound technology. Integrating physics, electronics and geometrics in their design is the greatest engineering challenge of the signal processing chain.

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