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Benefit of the detailed educational white papers related to our products, technologies, methodologies, and clinical applications. Research findings, questions and tips, and specific highlights are now within reach to support your daily activities in the clinical field.

Real Time Elastosonography

Thyroid ultrasound (US) is useful for detecting and characterizing nodular disease which prevalence being dramatically increased in iodine-defcient areas. The great majority of nodules are benign, less than 5% of them being malignant.

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Elaxto-Rheuma - Measuring Skin Thickness of Systemic Sclerosis Patients

Preliminary study show that elastosonography improves ultrasound’s reliability to measure skin thickness of systemic sclerosis patients helping the identifcation of dermis-hypodermis interface.

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Elaxto Thyroid Nodules

Elastography, a new dynamic ultrasound technique, reaches high predictive values and might reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies, increase cost savings and improve patients quality of life.

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EHD Technology in Musculoskeletal The New Era in Ultrasound

Diagnostic value enhancement and system usability optimization are the main key factors taken into consideration in the development of the eHD Technology in MSK. It focuses the whole ultrasound chain, from the transducer to the display, passing through signal processing and strategic features.

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Developments in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Ultrasound technology’s innovations supply extraordinary power for clinical development in the MSK Ultrasound imaging field thanks to their real-time performance, high tissue resolution, advanced features and reliable cost.

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Skin Ultrasound

Thanks to the available very-high-frequency (up to 22 MHz) in Ultrasound technology it is now possible to examine benign and malignant skin lesions in epidermis, dermis and subcutis as well as blood vessels close to the skin. Precise measurement of skin thickness and accurate assessment of internal skin structures also supply better answers regarding the performance of surgical or non surgical procedures, therapeutic or cosmetic treatment and follow up.

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High Frequency Ultrasound in MSK

The XHF, eXtreme High Frequency Imaging, offers very detailed and precise representation of superfcial structures. This technology makes it possible to visualize the Bicipital Aponeurosis using suitable high-resolution, high-quality linear probes.

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