• Interventional Ultrasound Systems

    Outstanding diagnostic value is the result of optimization of all the aspects of the signal chain, from the echo generated by the patient through to the display on the system, together with maximization of ultrasound scanning efficiency. This has been achieved over the years through advanced research, with several patents and publications, and effective implementation in both systems and probes. Esaote’s dedicated R&D meets the increasing demands of modern healthcare with outstanding image quality, unique ergonomics, workflow and design and complete solutions for the most demanding clinical and interventional activities.

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Interventional and Mini-Invasive Systems applications



Esaote plays a fundamental role in the management of thyroid neoplasm and in particular in the management of recurring neck problems after thyroidectomy...

Ultrasound Systems for Endocrinology



Intraoperative ultrasound is essential for planning the type of resection and for guiding surgeon’s hands in real time during liver parenchyma dissection...

Ultrasound Systems for Surgery



Early management of disease leads to better patient care and reduces socio-economic impacts. This is why Esaote has been investing in preventive healthcare...

Ultrasound Systems for Urology


Virtual Navigator fusion imaging

Let the fusion begin! Virtual Navigator provides the ability to fuse real-time ultrasound images with magnetic resonance imaging (MR), computed tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET) and 3D ultrasound. 


Interventional Ultrasound Solutions

Interventional Ultrasound Solutions

The Esaote Interventional Ultrasound Solutions includes:

  • SI2C41 iQprobe, the dedicated probe for 0° biopsy and percutaneous procedure guidance
  • Virtual Biopsy to allow physicians to follow percutaneous procedures with increased confidence and perform advanced biopsy even in very difficult approaches
  • IOT342, the new intra-operative T probe with wide multi-band frequency, a probe designed by a surgeon for surgeons




Ultrasound probes with specific guiding systems help the operator in targeting and correct placement of needles inside the lesion. Probes were developed and optimized to meet specific needs of each applications. 


Clincal Images

Clinical Images

Outstanding Ultrasound clinical images highlight the Esaote's focus in delivering innovative solutions for Interventional Applications, covering all procedures steps: Diagnosys, Planning, Targeting, Assessment and Follow-Up. 




The unique Esaote's concept allows physicians to seamlessly integrate results coming from imaging examinations in the standard workflow. The integration of all clinical information surely provides an improved workflow, delivering faster diagnosis, improved patient care, better and safer diagnostic services.  




Since many years, Esaote is Committed to Education and today can boast the leader position on the market, both in terms of products and experience. Specific field training for Laser Ablation Procedures is performed by high-skilled Specialists and experienced medical Tutors, while courses or training sessions are scheduled at Reference Sites. 


Interventional Customer Care

Interventional Systems Customer Care

Esaote ensures correct complete post-sales servicing with continual control on the ultrasound equipment to guarantee maximum performance, so that our customers, who are always at the centre of our attention, will be able to programme their daily work in conditions of absolute tranquility.


Video Channel

Virtual Navigator: Let the Fusion Begin!

CT, MRI, PET side by side with Real-Time Ultrasound. Experience the Esaote revolutionary cutting-edge system dedicated to fusion imaging modality, the Virtual Navigator, specially focused on Interventional Imaging where MRI/CT/PET modalities are fused with real-time Ultrasound.

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Virtual Navigator & fusion imaging - Clinical Cases

Virtual Navigator: a step ahead in fusion imaging. Esaote's Virtual Navigator with fusion imaging is compatible with several probes and available for many applications, from daily routine analysis to advanced research.

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SI2C41 Interventional Probe

A concrete breakthrough in Interventional Ultrasound


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