Esaote increases the production of portable ultrasounds by 70-80%

First, Esaote came to the aid of China, a country with which the company has strong connections, given that their shares are owned by a group of six Chinese industrial (Wandong, Yuwell, Kangda) and financial companies (Yunfeng, Shanghai Ftz, Tianyi). Now, Esaote are responding to the call of Italy, where they have been operating since they were founded by Carlo Castellano, while also preparing to handle increased demand from the United States and elsewhere in Europe - both markets in which the company has been operating for some time.

Based in Genoa, Esaote produces medical diagnostics equipment and has 1,100 employees across the world, 670 of which are based in Italy. They are one of the companies authorised by the government to continue operating - and they are doing so at full speed.

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