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Esaote is proud to announce that the International Academy of Design granted the Golden A’ Design Award to the new ultrasound platform MyLab9, the latest product of the Group’s ultrasound portfolio.

Esaote awarded the Golden A 'Design Award

The award was given in the Scientific Instruments, Medical Devices and Research Equipment Design Category by an international jury,  consisting of influential press members, established designers, leading academics and prominent entrepreneurs worldwide.

The A'Design Award Competition is a high-level competition open to products made by professional designers and product engineers, design companies, engineering agencies and manufacturers around the world.

MyLab9 ultrasound system, designed by Fabio Rezzonico, is aimed at providing a full range of diagnostic services to professionists and experts in the field of ultrasound diagnostic imaging. A new design with a new ergonomic, simple yet effective user interface, and a clever use of volumes are the main features of this work. Huge efforts have focused on improving the keyboard zone, in order to make it simple and immediate to approach as well as probes shapes and ergonomics, in order to lower the pain in clinicians which have to use them, while keeping the same position over time; their innovative design allows different grips, reducing musculo-skeletal strain up to 70%, for better user experience and comfort in clinical practice.

Innovation, ergonomics, social responsibility, aesthetical aspects and packaging design are the five key criteria according to which the Esaote MyLab9 was judged.

"We are very proud of this recognition" declared Karl-Heinz Lumpi, CEO of Esaote "which, in addition to rewarding Italian design, emphasizes the importance given to medical technologies, which contribute to improving the quality of life of the user and of the patient himself."

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