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Esaote participates in the Science Festival - Genoa, November 4, 2017

To grow we can not remain isolated, we need contacts. The theme of the Genoa Science Festival this year offers us an opportunity to connect with the city and experience a new way of communicating our work through the tour "The Borders of Diagnostic Imaging", a guided tour in our Ultrasound R&D laboratories hosted in the GREAT Campus.

More - A Focus on Esaote's World

Esaote people do research every day by keeping in mind three types of contact:

  • with the existing and emerging Technology, because if we integrate scientific knowledge and observe tools that in some way simplify out life we can evolve together with the needs of society. This requires us to study competitor achievements, collaborate with research centers, get in touch with startups to get useful stimuli for our technological process
  • with the Healthcare sector, that is, with the art of care. We have continuous exchanges with the medical environment to understand the User Needs. The contact with those who discovers something of patients every day and take part in social processes dedicated to Wellbeing allows us to develop solutions that are more empathetic for patients and more and more useful to those who take care of patients.
  • with the Market, that is, with the complex twist of elements that meet biomedical demand and supply. A good technological solution must be sustainable from a variety of points of view: ergonomic, economical, and regulatory. It needs to solve the needs not only of the end user, but also of the physician, the host structure, the health service, a community of territory. Different points of view, all important and to be respected because the system produces value.

On Saturday, November 4, to show how Esaote works because technology and man continually take advantage of a mutual contact, our ultrasound team has made available to the public:

  • Marco Delpiano, Ultrasound Lead Scrum Master
  • Giampaolo Borreani, Image Quality Team leader
  • Paolo Pellegretti, Ultrasound System Design and Research Manager
  • Andrej Dvorak Senior Vice President R&D e Chief Technology Officer

An opportunity to better understand who and what moves in our labs, as people every day imagine solutions for other people. For the public's experience, a small clinical setting will be set up in which to do some simulations and you can make a small journey through time through the evolution of the ultrasound, starting in 1982.

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