BMUS 2018

BMUS 2018

04/12/2018 - 06/12/2018
Manchester, (UK)


Join Esaote@BMUS2018
Join Esaote@BMUS2018 and discover the new MyLab<sup>™</sup>9 platform
Esaote MyLab<sup>™</sup>9 ultrasound platform

Beyond Performance and Value

Esaote’s new ultra-performance MyLab9 ultrasound platform is designed to support a full range of shared service diagnostic imaging environments. Take ultra-control of your images with unique visualization tools, and view results with clarity and sensitivity to help make more informed clinical decisions. Experience the ultra-comfort of Italian-designed ergonomics and an ultra-easy user interface that increases productivity. The MyLab9 ultrasound platform provides unprecedented power to drive more confident, better informed healthcare decisions without compromise, at an ultra-value.

Discover more on MyLabX family

Discover more about MyLab<sup>™</sup>X family
Esaote MyLab<sup>™</sup>X7
Esaote MyLab<sup>™</sup>X6
Esaote MyLab<sup>™</sup>X5

ESAOTE, one of the world leaders in the manufacture of diagnostic ultrasound systems and probes on the market for more than 30 years, introduces the new MyLabX7, MyLabX6 and MyLabX5 ultrasound systems. These new ultrasound models enrich the company’s own portfolio by establishing a new concept of image quality beyond EFFICIENCY, FLEXIBILITY, EASE.

Discover more about MyLab<sup>™</sup>X family

Explore MyLabOmega

and MyLabSigma

Discover the new MyLab<sup>™</sup>Omega and MyLab<sup>™</sup>Sigma portable ultrasound systems

The new MyLabOmega and MyLabSigma portable ultrasound systems offer a large variety of mobile solutions to meet any possible need, application, and location. The innovative onboard technologies include advanced zero-click automation tools to accelerate usability and improve diagnostic efficiency. CONFIDENCE STRAIGHTAWAY, EFFICIENCY STRAIGHTAWAY.

Discover the new MyLab<sup>™</sup>Omega and MyLab<sup>™</sup>Sigma portable ultrasound systems


December 4th - 6th - Manchester, UK

ESAOTE Booth 16

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