Highlights in Weight-bearing MRI

ESSR 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting: highlights in Weight-bearing MRI


Many symptoms and pathologies occur or are emphasized when patients are in a weight-bearing position, giving new point of view to accurately diagnose MSK pathologies affected by weight-bearing position.

Several ESSR sessions focused on Weight-bearing MRI scientific topics will be performed by worldwide experts during the Musculoskeletal Radiology Annual Scientific Meeting: this represents an excellent educational opportunity to enhance weight-bearing MRI knowledge and skills specifically in Musculoskeletal Radiology applications.

They will be held on the following dates and times:

  • Friday, June 16th - 11.09 - ROOM 2
    Scientific Paper Session - Spine
    Using dedicated low field MRI in ligament lesion of atlantoaxial instability and dysfunction of C0-C2
    S. Giannini, M. Pietrangeli, G. Montanari, F. Matera - Rome/IT
  • Saturday, June 17th - 08:41 - ROOM 2
    Spine Diagnostics and Interventionals Session
    Weight-bearing imaging of the spine: Is it useful?
    M. Boesen - Copenhagen/DK
  • Saturday, June 17th - 10:00 - ROOM 3
    Advanced concepts and new technologies Session
    Weight-bearing MRI of the foot in athletes
    S. Giannini - Rome/IT
  • Saturday, June 17th - 12:21 - ROOM 3
    Scientific Paper Session - Ankle and other
    Preliminary experience in disorder and dysfunction of TMJ using a MRI weight bearing in dynamic orthostatic exam and comparative clinostatic exam
    S. Giannini, A. Rocchi, R. Farano, M. Claps, G. Montanari - Rome/IT

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    The different positions of the foot, using device a different way to obtain the correct weight bearing dynamic exam in athletes
    S. Giannini, G. Montanari, A. Rocchi, F. Bucci, R. Farano - Rome/IT




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