Eurospine 2014


EuroSpine 2014 - The Annual Meeting of the Spine Society of Europe

01/10/2014 - 03/10/2014
Lyon (FR)

EUROSPINE is the European equivalent of the North American Spine Society (NASS), like RSNA and ECR in radiology. The participation of Esaote at the NASS meeting over the last few years has been very successful, specially focused on G-scan Brio Dedicated MRI system. Main reason: Weight-bearing MRI is the most appreciated by the clinician, the orthopedic and spine surgeon as they fully understand the biomechanical implication of such an exam. WB-MRI can give valuable additional information that in some cases will make them change the clinical approach for the benefit of the patient.

EuroSpine congress is visited by about 2250 spine specialists and there will be 140 exhibitors. This year it will take place in Lyon, France on 1-3 October 2014 and will be held at the Lyon Convention Center.
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Increasing the knowledge on WB-MRI among spine surgeons is important as they prescribe the MRI examinations; they send the patient to radiology. Therefore, the spine surgeon should be the one that indicates WB-MRI as the preferred MRI exam for his patient. Better even, take the initiative to have a G-scan Brio WB-MRI in his own clinic or hospital. Esaote will be present at EuroSpine, booth n. 25B with the G-scan Brio posters and demo console with clinical cases.

What you miss with 3 Tesla

Today 3 Tesla MRI are the most powerful MRI units used in regular clinical settings. These very expensive MRI systems deliver very nice high resolution MRI images, but cannot scan the patient standing. As some pathologies are affected by the bio-mechanical changes, they can be better visualized with a WB-MRI exam performed with Esaote G-scan Brio at a fraction of a 3T MRI unit cost both in investment and maintenance.

Come and join us at EuroSpine 2014, booth n. 25B!

Download G-scan Brio at EuroSpine 2014 - 2.7 Mb PDF


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