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New Esaote VET Ultrasound Systems

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Top Performance & Specialism

The high-end, portable MyLab™AlphaVET and console model MyLab™SevenVET, offer the demanding imaging expert a combination of best image quality and complete functionality. Their wide range of transducers for all small animals, exotics, equine and farm animal applications covers imaging and Doppler at the highest level.

MyLab Alpha


  • 2 transducer connectors
  • 13.3” 90° rotatable widescreen monitor
  • Anti-theft security lock
  • Long lasting / fast charging battery
  • Weight: 7.3 kg (including battery)
  • Compact trolley with 2 extra transducer connectors
  • Troller for mobile services
  • 15 seconds battery based start-up time

MyLab Seven


  • 4 transducer connectors
  • 19” rotatable wide screen monitor
  • Sliding full alphanumeric keyboard
  • Four 360° rotatable wheels
  • Height adjustable and rotatable keyboard
  • 15 seconds battery based start-up time

Stunning images within reach

MyLab™AlphaVET as well as MyLab™SevenVET provide impressive image quality in a wide range of applications. Besides B-Mode, M-Mode and Doppler-Imaging, the systems offer multiple advanced technologies to meet every clinical need. For over 30 years, as market leader, Esaote has monitored the imaging needs of the veterinarian in their daily practice. Full, dedicated functionality, high image quality and easy operation are our cornerstones. Both the MyLab™AlphaVET as well as the console version MyLab™SevenVET are designed to fulfill all of the small animal, equine, farm animals and exotics veterinarian’s expectations.

OPUS - One Probe Ultrasound Solution

SC3123 Micro Convex Probe: this unique micro convex transducer has a frequency range from 9-4 MHz and a scan-angle up to 93° for high resolution and high penetration to cover all applications in daily practice.

Patient ID/Owner Name
The patient demographic screen is dedicated to the veterinary environment with fields for the animal’s name as well as species and breed.

Application Selection
The veterinary application software makes it easy to choose from a list of applications before starting the examination. After selecting the application, the system automatically displays the presets corresponding to the chosen purpose. A dedicated application icon is shown on the screen, confirming that the correct settings are selected.

Measurements and Reports
Confirming Esaote’s dedication to the veterinary world, complete veterinary measurement packages, including abdomen, cardiology and reproductive gestational calculations provide easy exam documentation.

Body Marks
Using a body mark to show the exact position where the scan has been done is useful. But being able to indicate this with a body mark that actually resembles the scanned species is even better. During or after an exam or measurement it is very easy to “mark” the exact field of examination using the dedicated veterinary body marks.

Image Quality
With both Esaote systems, in any application and with any probe, you can rely on excellent image quality to aid fast and accurate diagnosis.

Both systems can be configured to your needs. The base is the B/W version with the OPUS SC3123 Micro Convex transducer. Optional standard transducers are available; the systems can even grow in terms of quality with the extended licence transducers and in terms of functionality (Advanced Cardiology) with the Phased Array transducers. Doppler and Color Doppler are additional options to ensure optimal modularity for every need.

Confirming Esaote’s dedication to the veterinary world, complete veterinary measurement packages, including abdomen, cardiology and reproductive gestational calculations provide easy exam documentation.

Wireless Windows® and DICOM Connectivity
Both systems are designed for limitless wireless connectivity and can be easily implemented in any Windows® or DICOM environment. Being equipped with wireless connectivity, easy networking, printing and communication with external PC’s are just one click away.

Remote Trouble - Shooting and Services
Your system will be recovered in the shortest time possible. Connected to the internet, Esaote’s Service Team can easily troubleshoot any issues, perform proactive maintenance and monitor performance.

Take Advantage of new VET Ultrasound Systems Premium-end Features

Reduction of speckle and noise, adjustable by the operator to produce an optimal personalised image.

This makes it possible to estimate and quantify endocardial velocities of contraction and relaxation of the heart.

The ElaXto software enables non-invasive assessment of tissue elasticity.

With revolutionary real-time CnTI technology it is possible to implement innovative contrast media ultrasound procedures.


Technology and features are system/configuration dependent. Specifications subject to change without notice. Information might refer to products or modalities not yet approved in all countries. Product images are for illustrative purposes only. For further details, please contact your Esaote sales representative.



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