Renaissance programme contribution to sustainable development

In September 2015, more than 150 international leaders met at the United Nations to encourage global development, promote human well-being and protect the environment. Each United Nations member state is acting, including in regulatory terms, to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The key elements are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Renaissance Programme contributes to at least three of the 2030 goals.

Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. In particular, points 3.8 and 3.d. The affordability makes it possible to open even small clinics with quality equipment, freeing up funds for human resources and other costs to enable free or affordable diagnostic services even for small associations and healthcare professionals in developing countries. The company's "second welfare" initiatives are also part of this goal.

Goal 9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation, and foster innovation. The Renaissance Programme is just one of the steps that Esaote has identified in order to move forward in terms of social and environmental responsibility.

Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. In particular, 12.5 and 12.6. Consumption of used products is responsible, because it prevents valuable goods from being transformed prematurely into waste. The Renaissance Programme gives a new value to used materials by reducing the problems of disposal and extraction of the raw materials required to produce the components of our medical technologies.

The reconditioning process takes place, if necessary, based on the needs of the equipment. For further details, please contact your Esaote sales representative.

Used Ultrasound


Ultrasound is Esaote's core business. For about forty years, Esaote has been designing, manufacturing and marketing ultrasound diagnostic systems, which are now installed all over the world. The Renaissance Programme offers a range of products with benefits to meet every need, both diagnostic and ergonomic.




Esaote's Italian style revolutionised the world of magnetic resonance imaging 30 years ago, adapting technology to the quality of experience. Renaissance products give all laboratories access to leading diagnostic products.




Esaote has thirty years of market leadership in providing ultrasound imaging and dedicated MRI solutions for animals. Today, with the Renaissance Programme, you are able to get great Esaote reliability at even more affordable prices, ensuring dependability for all types of veterinary project.