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Our brand’s personality

Trademark as the essence of values

The logo is not the brand, but the trademark is the ambassador of the brand values and identity. Talking about brand equity we refer to the brand heritage, that is its ability to satisfy people’s innermost needs, in and out of the Company. According to a technical definition “brand equity is a combination of distinctive, differentiated values by which a brand occupies the mental territory of an individual and thus puts itself and competes on the market”. So there is an intangible aspect of the company’s value, symbolically conveyed by its trademark. The system of strategies, the story and envisaged prospects of a company are concentrated into one sole recognizable mark, a company not only living as a commercial organization, but aware it will leave its mark on the prospects, story and system of strategies of people and society.

More - A Focus on Esaote's World

What does the Esaote brand talk about? Intuition and science, culture of design and technological competence. Two thoughts attracting and confronting each other, retaining a reciprocal equilibrium: at the heart moves energy for innovation, embodied in respect for well defined value-related principles. The brand identity is therefore concentrated in Esaote’s handwritten symbol, created by studio Rezzonico. Over the years the logo has transformed its graphics, incorporating experience and factors that differentiate Esaote in the biomedical scenario. The severe, sharply pointed parts of the brand’s original acronym up until 2006 have evolved over the last decade into more gentle, reassuring forms which, like the products’ design, communicate several distinctive values of the Esaote product concept.

  • Empathy – the rounded lines represent a welcome, the serenity of an experience Esaote products undertake to guarantee with respect for that delicate moment when the user is put into a fragile condition and the doctor into a position of intimacy vis-à-vis the patient. A reassuring design, without sharp corners and barriers, is the first message met by the user.
  • Simplicity – the choice of writing in small letters is linked with the simplicity and accessibility of the products. The intricacy of processes involving technologically cutting edge instruments is dispelled in the straightforward clarity of one perfectly equilibrated word. Just as machinery only offers the user the facility of experience, so the brand respects the customer’s centrality, going to meet them with quietly discreet, clearcut letters. A tone of voice, at semiotic level, without the risk of creating unease.
  • Agility- an image reflecting the harmony and unity of all the elements is built to split up in an agile manner without losing its identity. The heart of the logo can be moved in a flexible way to distinguish brand communication in a derivative manner. The quality of Esaote products echoes in this feature, able to adapt themselves to the needs of doctor and patient with the greatest of ease, as proved by the portable solutions or by the lightness of specific machinery.
  • Opening – the embrace encircling the name’s initials represents a world that protects without creating barriers. The environment in which Esaote operates is open to exchanging notes and incentives and the organization itself is founded on a brisk international dialogue and on the dynamic nature of professional experiences.

The capital of experience and importance of values are immediately recognizable in the visual identity of the brand, enabling us to be chosen from amongst our competitors.

Four powers are concentrated in our brand:

  • distinguish our products on the market
  • create customer loyalty
  • generate reputation
  • create commercial successes

A signature put by many hands to represent our identity.

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