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Esaote improves the customer experience with a redefined, technological infrastructure

In collaboration with Capgemini Italia, Esaote undertakes a digital transformation journey to gain greater efficacy and efficiency in its services, mainly in the after-sales phase

As a company that has always been at the forefront of biomedical systems innovation, in 2015 Esaote chose Capgemini Italia as its partner in order to reorganize the company's technological infrastructure, particularly in the after-sales phase, to improve the customer experience, optimize maintenance and technical assistance, and align itself with market needs.

Esaote improves the customer experience

“Esaote aimed at creating efficiency by adopting a unique and integrated way to manage its business processes: One Company with One Way-Of-Working,” said Eugenio Biglieri, Group Services Officer at Esaote. “With that in mind, Esaote has chosen the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service’s solution, which has been developed to shape our organization globally, provide a better service to our customers, and increase the efficiency of our internal processes. The adoption of this tool by our technicians was immediate thanks to its significant “easy to use” capability and the proven reliability of Microsoft’s Cloud platform.

The new Microsoft Field Service "Dynamics 365" platform, with its configuration and extension features, provides technicians with a tool allowing the integrated management of all customer needs.

Through a web interface, it is possible to manage and to plan –in real time– customer requests by openings tickets and obtaining solutions, including any other supplementary order. The new platform used by technicians also allows a homogeneous management of demand-related requirements for new products and services, enabling Esaote to expand its business to accompany the growth of its customers.

The platform can be used by Esaote's internal technicians, third party distributors, or by the same technicians who have been mandated by local distributors, enabling the unified and consistent management of customer requests. The platform can also be extended outside the organization with a single entry point and a Segregation of Duties (SoD) framework.

Another element proving the adopted solution’s scalability is the fact that the platform is entirely "on Cloud," so it is totally devoid of startup costs (excluding the license) when a rollout process is undertaken internationally.

The strong after-sales services integration –obtained thanks to the solution adopted – has also allowed the automation of the activities schedule. For each task, the platform is able to identify the best technical resources in a hub & spoke framework. Thanks to the possible integration with an IoT approach, the solution allows predictive maintenance activities, aligning Esaote with the best smart factory benchmarks.

As for SAP integration, a continuum between internal and external quality has been ensured: installation, assembly, and component data collected inside the factories were transferred outside the plants, making it visible to services to maintain a continuous traceability of activities and components.

“The results we are registering” concludes Eugenio Biglieri “are really encouraging especially in terms of operational efficiency and consequently in customer satisfaction”.


Esaote adopts the Dynamics Microsoft Field Service solution to increase efficiency

Esaote adopts the Dynamics Microsoft Field Service solution to increase efficiency from ESAOTE on Vimeo.

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