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    By encompassing all cardiology specialties into one single software platform, Esaote's Cardiovascular Information System and PACS represents the most comprehensive approach to Cardiology, Cath-Lab, Echo, ECG, EP, Cardio Surgery, Structural and Interventional Cardio. Thanks to tailored-to-needs products - SUITESTENSA CVIS PACS and CAAS XA/X-Ray Angiography, CAAS IVUS OCT/Intravascular, CAAS MR/MR Quantitative Analysis, 3mensio CT/Structural Heart & Endovascular - Esaote delivers the best workflow management from patient admission to exam execution, reporting, post-processing, distribution.

    Healthcare IT Cardiovascular



Technology and features are system/configuration dependent. Specifications subject to change without notice. Information might refer to products or modalities not yet approved in all countries. For further details, please contact your EBIT sales representative.

Ultrasound Applications for IT Cardiology

Esaote’s Cardiovascular Ultrasound include a wide selection of products, from console systems to premium performance portable units. They are all equipped with comprehensive cardiac and vascular packages, with a special focus to early detection and preventive healthcare.

Ultrasound Applications for IT Cardiology >

Non-Imaging Diagnostic Applications for IT Cardiology

Our wide range of ECG devices are focused on providing the best functionality, diagnostic quality, and data integration with healthcare IT systems. As a leader in the field of cardiology image and data management solutions, we’re constantly updating our ECG line of products to meet emerging clinical requirements.

Non-Imaging Diagnostic Applications for IT Cardiology >

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