• Never Stop Seeing the Unseen.

    There is a universe to explore. It’s inside of us. Whether by ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging or information technology Esaote will never stop exploring that universe with its hidden depths, hard to reach and show: the universe of the human being.


    Never Stop Seeing the Unseen
  • A Clear Vision For Confident Care

    Our vision is to excel as a leading medical imaging company by providing innovative clinical solutions from prevention to therapy

    A clear vision for confident care
  • Is Image Everything?

    Our medical imaging product portfolio enables us to provide a wide range of reliable and innovative clinical solutions to the healthcare community

    Is Image Everything?
  • Looking at new horizons

    Building on our strength of tradition, experience and commitment, our passion for the future drives everything we do

    Looking at new horizons


ultrasound imaging

MyLabX8 Platform




Esaote is one of the six largest Ultrasound manufacturers in the world by volume, with more than 130,000 portable and cart-based ultrasound systems installed globally.


Dedicated MRI


Over 25 years of innovation results in cost-effective, dedicated musculoskeletal MRI systems that deliver outstanding image quality, flexibility, and ease of use.


Healthcare IT

SUITESTENSA is the most complete RIS CVIS PACS Healthcare IT Diagnostic Imaging Software for the workflow management of Radiology and Cardiology Departments.




Our organization ensures correct complete post-sales servicing with continual control on the equipment to guarantee maximum performance to our customers.




Following the logic of the circular economy, the Renaissance Programme selects, refurbishes and guarantees the best quality of equipment at affordable prices.




With the new MyLabX8VET a new era of VET ultrasound is here.


EULAR 2020 Pre-courses

EULAR 2020 Pre-courses

Frankfurt (Germany)

European Congress of Rheumatology

Website: congress.eular.org



Ghent (Belgium)

European Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society & European College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care

Website: www.ev...



Milan (Italy)

23rd European Veterinary Society for Small Animal Reproduction Congress

Website: www.evssar.org

ESSR 2020 Pre-course workshops

ESSR 2020 Pre-course workshops

Stockholm (Sweden)

European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology

Website: www.essr.org

ECR 2020

ECR 2020

Vienna (Austria)

European Congress of Radiology

Website: www.myesr.org

ESC 2020

ESC 2020

Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

European Society of Cardiology

Website: www.escardio.org



Warsaw (Poland)

26th European Veterinary Congress FECAVA

Website: www.fecava.org

FIM 2020

FIM 2020

Athens, Greece

XXXVI World Congress of Sports Medicine

Website: www.fmsi.it

IVUSS 2020

IVUSS 2020

Bucarest (Romania)

Congress of the International Veterinary Ultrasound Society

Website: www.ivuss.org

ISUOG 2020

ISUOG 2020

Glasgow (UK)

30^ World Congress on Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Website: www.isuog.org

ESAVS 2020

ESAVS 2020

Warsaw (Poland)

Vet Courses - European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies

Website: www.esavs.eu



Harrogate (UK)

Annual Congress of Federation of Asian Small Animal Veterinary Association

Website: www.fasava.org



Düsseldorf (Germany)

World Forum for Medicine

Website: www.medica-tradefair.com

RSNA 2020

RSNA 2020

Chicago, IL (USA)

Annual Meeting of Radiological Society of North America

Website: www.rsna.org


  First, Esaote came to the aid of China, a country with which the company has strong connections, given that their shares are owned by a group of six Chinese industrial (Wandong, Yuwell, Kangda) and financial companies (Yunfeng, Shanghai Ftz,...
  Esaote won a tender launched by Consip on behalf of Civil Protection for the distribution of diagnostic equipment in Italy to face COVID-19 emergency. Esaote ultrasound systems were assembled and delivered in just 3 days to Tuscany, Friuli...
  We have a duty to develop a complete understanding of the limits within which we can carry out our production activities. Today, it is within those limits that we can grow and do more. As a company that has always had close ties with the...
  In these days we are facing two epidemic events. The first one is the new coronavirus that is putting many countries in the world in great difficulty. It is a very widespread phenomenon, the origin and evolution of which are still under study...
  "The agreement with Ducati, which sees the Esaote brand alongside the Ducati Team in MotoGP, fills us with pride and positive emotions - said Franco Fontana CEO of Esaote -. Esaote and Ducati not only share a success story, but they are...
  Genoa, February 6th 2020 - BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, European leader in asset finance, and Esaote, one of the world's leading manufacturers of medical diagnostic systems, announced today the signature of an international partnership. The...
  January 27, 2020 [Dubai, UAE] - Esaote presents the MyLabX8 - the high-performance and versatile ultrasound platform to support hospitals and clinics facing today’s challenges - at ARAB HEALTH 2020, the Healthcare Exhibition & Medical Congress...
  Esaote introduces the new HyperDoppler cardiac application at EuroEcho 2019: make your ultrasound exams easier with our zero-click solutions December 4, 2019 [Vienna, Austria] - Esaote introduces the new HyperDoppler software in cardiology at...
  December 1, 2019 [Chicago, Illinois - U.S.] – Esaote presents the MyLabX8 – the high-performance and versatile ultrasound platform to support hospitals and clinics facing today’s challenges – at RSNA 2019, the Radiological Society of North...
  December 10, 2019 [Harrogate, UK] - Esaote presents the MyLabX8 - the high-performance and versatile ultrasound platform to support hospitals and clinics facing today’s challenges - at BMUS 2019, the 51st Annual Scientific Meeting of the...
  November 18, 2019 [Düsseldorf, Germany] - Esaote presents the MyLabX8 - the high-performance and versatile ultrasound platform to support hospitals and clinics facing today’s challenges - at MEDICA 2019, The World Forum for Medicine, booth...
  PARIS, Oct. 01st, 2019 - Esaote will celebrate MyLabX8 launch - the high-performance and versatile ultrasound platform to support hospitals and clinics facing today's challenges - at the Journées Francophones de Radiologie, JFR 2019, Booth...
  PARIS, August 31, 2019 - Esaote celebrates the launch of the MyLabX8 in cardiology – the new high-performance and versatile ultrasound platform – at the European Congress of Cardiology, ESC 2019 at booth E550 (Aug 31 – Sept 4, Paris, France)....
  Franco Fontana new CEO, Eugenio Biglieri new Chief Operating Officer. A new Board of Directors has been appointed. Genoa, 13 May 2019 - The Shareholder’s Meeting of Esaote S.p.A. – a leading Company in the sector of diagnostic imaging - held in...
  "Never Stop Seeing the Unseen": it’s Esaote’s new communications campaign aimed at highlighting innovation, research and development March 26th - Genoa, Italy – “Never Stop Seeing the Unseen": this is the title of the new communications...
  March 26, 2019 [BE'ER SHEVA, Israel – Genoa, Italy] - DiA Imaging Analysis, a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered ultrasound analysis tools, announced today that it has partnered with the italian healthcare IT company Ebit...
  February 27, 2019 [Vienna, Austria] - Esaote announces the launch of the MyLabX8 - the high-performance and versatile ultrasound platform to support hospitals and clinics facing today’s challenges - at the European Congress of Radiology, ECR...
  December 4, 2018 [Manchester, UK] - ESAOTE is taking a step forward with the MyLab9 flagship platform and is renewing the cart-based and portable ultrasound product line at the BMUS 2018 - Annual Scientific Meeting of the British Medical...
  December 5, 2018 [Milan, Italy] - ESAOTE is taking a step forward with the new cart-based ultrasound systems, MyLab9 platform, MyLabX5, MyLabX6, MyLabX7, and the new portable ultrasound product line at the EuroEcho-Imaging 2018 - European...
  Esaote S.p.A, a leading Italian medical company founded in 1982 with the headquarter in Genoa-Italy, is celebrating its 25th anniversary as leader in Dedicated MRI with more than 3,000 units sold worldwide. The initial idea behind Esaote...

Focus in and focus out in the Esaote's universe. A collection of information and visions arising from four points of observation: Milestones, Outcomes, Relations and Evolution. 

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