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Facing epidemics


In these days we are facing two epidemic events. The first one is the new coronavirus that is putting many countries in the world in great difficulty. It is a very widespread phenomenon, the origin and evolution of which are still under study and it is precisely the lack of reliable scientific data that makes it difficult to managing critical issues. The second one is about obsession and fear: because, unfortunately, in addition to possible consequences on the health of citizens that the virus may cause, the lack of knowledge and misinformation coming from wrong sources, generates states of collective psychosis.

It is for this reason that in times like today it is essential to behave with a great civic sense. It is not acceptable to yield to approximate judgments, discriminations nor to lose sight of our core values. Yet, damages caused by bad management and behaviors can lead to long-lasting effects on people life and economy which seems to be underestimated.

Esaote, as a leading provider of medical imaging technology, is committed to deliver patient care even during emergency situations. Our employees are contributing with usual services to support the medical community during this difficult time, as experienced by our friends and colleagues in Esaote China first and by the Italian team in these days. Where possible, all other services have been re-arranged through smart working (adopted in the company since almost eighteen months), limitations of face-to-face meetings, prioritized activities and prevention measures to safeguard our employees’ health and to limit the diffusion of the virus.

We trust rational approach will prevail on emotional reaction as the best answer to help reaching out a quick solution and we are close to all health professionals who are working hard to overcome this emergency.




Today even closer

1. Medical team member Lin Kai (L) bids farewell to his family before leaving for Wuhan of central China's Hubei Province at the Affiliated Union Hospital of Fujian Medical University in Fuzhou, southeast China's Fijian Province, Feb 13, 2020. A team comprised of 277 medical workers from Fijian left for Wuhan of Hubei Province on Thursday to aid the novel coronavirus control efforts there. They will work together with medical workers from other provinces to take over the 10 intensive care units of Tumor Center of Union Hospital affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huangzhong University of Science and Technology.

Today even closer

2. Yang Chenhua (L) chats with his wife Fang Mengxia, during a shifting time at the epidemic check point of Jintang high-speed channel in Zhoshuan, east China's Zhejiang Province, Feb. 10, 2020. Yang Chenhua, a police officer with Dinghai branch police station of Zhoshuan police office, has been working and living at the epidemic check point since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. His wife Fang Mengxia, a medical staff member, except for her routine work at hospital, has one chance per week to the check point to measure the temperature for people passing by. And this once a week meeting after works at the check point is their only chance to talk face to face for the moment. (Photo by Zou Xunyong/Xinhua).

Today even closer

3. President of Yuwell group, Mr Wu Guangming, with a prompt decision to use his private jet to transfer the Medical essentials produced by yuwell transported from Nanjing to Wuhan for guaranteen the first aid for the people fighting against coronavirus.

Today even closer

4. A patient infected with the novel coronavirus expresses gratitude to medical staff at a makeshift hospital converted from an exhibition center in Wuhan, central China's Hubei Province, Feb. 5, 2020. The first makeshift hospital converted from an exhibition center in China's epidemic-hit Wuhan city began accepting patients Wednesday. The hospital can provide about 1,600 beds to infected patients.

Today even closer

5. One ultrasound doctor (L) in one hospital of Hubei province. Esaote China customer service staff Cai Zhaoting (R) after installation in the hospital with ultrasound doctor. Esaote China sales Wangfei received an urget order from one hospital in Hubei province. All relevant departments of Esaote China were working together to facilitate hospital to be ready for diagnosis with our ultrasound within 48 hours even in a period of transportation restrictions.

Today even closer

6. Yuwell and WDM resumed to operate in orderly manner with overtime work day and night to supply all the Medical devices to the hospitals in Hubei province.

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Esaote S.p.A will cooperate with CNR-Imati in the 2-years fellowship funded by Regione Liguria.

Esaote S.p.A will cooperate with CNR-IMATI in the 2-years fellowship funded by Regione Liguria...


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