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A twelve months "save-the-date" spot, to learn more about our products and get in touch directly with our operators. Take a look at Esaote's periodic publication in Ultrasound, MRI, IT, Interventional, Vet and in all fields related to the Group.


RSNA 2019

RSNA 2019

Chicago, IL (USA)

Annual Meeting of Radiological Society of North America

Website: www.rsna.org


  Franco Fontana nouveau PDG, Eugenio Biglieri nouveau Directeur des Opérations. Un nouveau conseil d'administration Gênes, 15 mai 2019 - L'Assemblée Générale d'Esaote S.p.A. - société leader dans le secteur de l'imagerie diagnostique - qui s'est...
  "Never Stop Seeing the Unseen": it’s Esaote’s new communications campaign aimed at highlighting innovation, research and development March 26th - Genoa, Italy – “Never Stop Seeing the Unseen": this is the title of the new communications...
  VIENNE, 27 février 2019 - Esaote annonce le lancement de MyLabX8 - la plate-forme très performante et polyvalente d'échographie qui va aider les hôpitaux et les cliniques à relever les défis actuels - à l'occasion du Congrès Européen de la...

Focus in and focus out in the Esaote's universe. A collection of information and visions arising from four points of observation: Milestones, Outcomes, Relations and Evolution. 

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A wide selection of articles - both from the nationaal and the international press - plus reports focusing on the Esaote Group, its products and its achieved goals.

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