• VET MRI Systems and Applications

    Esaote is ‘the’ pioneer in MRI in the veterinary field. We have over 30 years of market leadership and preferred supplier for many veterinary practices, clinics and research centers, as well as for many zoos and wildlife institutions.

    Offering perfect product in term of quality, functionality, price, service and education, combined with a deep understanding of the veterinarians’ needs, will guarantee our top position in the veterinary imaging market.

    Please challenge us with your imaging MRI needs in your daily practice or specific projects. We would welcome being your imaging partner.

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VET MRI Systems

Small Animals

MRI Small Animals

MRI represents the ideal non-invasive tool to get faster and more accurate diagnosis. High quality Dedicated MRI systems are growing...

VET MRI Systems for Small Animals

MRI Equine

MRI Equine

From routine examinations at a neighborhood veterinarian’s office to complex cardiology examinations in academic settings...

VET MRI Systems for Equine



Over 30 years of experience in the veterinary field have lead to the development and introduction of specific MRI coils to cover a wide range of applications and meet every clinical need and preference.


VET MRI Clinical Images

VET MRI Clinical Images

Thanks to long-term cooperation with leading clinics we are able to test the study protocols and optimize the internal settings in order to obtain top image quality leading to reliable diagnosis and more efficient throughput.


Dicom Viewer

DICOM Viewer

Surf the application-specific images/sequences with reference to the most significant veterinary MRI clinical cases: now available in DICOM format for your own purpose to better visualize and manage specific sets of high-resolution images and sequences.


VET MRI - Video Channel

Interview with Dr. Konrad Jurina on Veterinary Imaging

Courtesy of:

Dr. Konrad Jurina

Graduate in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Berlin. Diplomate - European College of Veterinary Neurology (ECVN). His focus is neurology and neurosurgery for small animals. Partner at the clinic: www.tierklinik-haar.de/

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Interview with Dr. Martin Konar on Veterinary Imaging

Courtesy of:

Dr. Martin Konar

Graduate in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Vienna. Diplomate - European College of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging (ECVDI). His focus is small animals radiology and he currently provides remote diagnostic imaging service for several Vet MRI clinics in Europe .

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