Esaote Belgium Branch

Esaote Benelux (formerly Pie Medical Benelux) exclusively distributes the entire Product Line of Esaote in the Benelux countries. Esaote Benelux located in Maastricht (The Netherlands) and the Belgium Branch in Zaventem (Belgium) are part of Esaote Europe B.V. in Maastricht.

Since 1982 Pie Medical ultrasound equipment has been sold by the Benelux team. In 1997, when the Italian Esaote group merged with Pie Medical, the Esaote products were added to the Pie Medical product line. Nowadays Esaote Benelux offers a complete product range from compact to high-end Color Doppler Ultrasound and a dedicated musculoskeletal MRI product line as well. Esaote Benelux is a reliable partner in the field of product and clinical application knowledge and offers a customer focused service department.

The Benelux team consists of experienced, well trained and enthusiastic colleagues. Esaote Benelux: a clear vision of confident care!

Contacts & Staff

ESAOTE Europe B.V., Belgium Branch

Diegemstraat 46 – 1930 Zaventem
T 02 7214476
F 02 7214716

Ultrasound Medisch België

Clinical Application Specialist
Leo Welkenhuysen
T 0495 215611

MRI Benelux

T 02 7214476

Sales & Clinical Application Manager Veterinary Benelux
Moniek Dekkers
T + 31 6 53379539

Managing Director
Theo Steenwijk
T 02 7214476 / + 31 43 3824650

Service & Office Manager
Victor Jaspars
T 02 7214476 / + 31 43 3824650

Marketing Communication
T 02 7214476 / + 31 43 3824653

Service Engineers
Radouane Sdira
T 02 7214476 / + 31 6 51998479

Edwin Haijen
T 02 7214476 / + 31 6 25494599

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