• Think outside the box, think Esaote MRI

    Over 25 years of innovation in the field of Dedicated Musculoskeletal MRI creating cost-effective systems that provide outstanding image quality, easy of use, flexibility, last but not least, a comfortable patient experience.

    Over 25 years of innovation, the key to success of doing MRI the different way.


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    Esaote MRI
  • Dedicated MRI Systems: diagnostic imaging systems and clinical applications

    Recently, we created G-scan Brio, a cutting-edge weight-bearing MRI system focused on MSK and spine imaging procedures. With more than 2,900 Esaote MRI systems installed around the world, from large hospitals to private clinics, orthopedic/sports medicine centers, rheumatology practices, podiatric offices and trauma departments, we’re the leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of dedicated MRI systems.

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Dedicated MRI

MSK Imaging

MSK Imaging

Esaote's Dedicated Musculoskeletal MR imaging systems provide clinicians a wide range of applications...

Dedicated MRI Systems for MSK Imaging



Since 1993, Esaote has broadened its product offering, gaining industry recognition as a pioneer and innovator in Dedicated MRI

Dedicated MRI Systems for Weight-Bearing

Head & Spine

Head & Spine Imaging

Starting with MSK imaging in 1993, today the Esaote S-scan and G-scan MRI systems offer a wide range of applications...

Dedicated MRI Systems for Head & Spine Imaging