Corporate People

We grow with People

Esaote is an active part of a system naturally tended to propose innovative solutions that can improve the technological contribution to the health service.


To us, investing in research and innovation and design solutions that make easier to promote innovative diagnostic systems and consequently the well-being are fundamental issues that involve our growth as a company and the increase of medical and social perspectives. Our network of relationships is extending in different directions because there are various emerging social needs.

In our DNA, there is a concept of Shared Values that perceives, as integrated into the core business, the importance of an improvement in diagnostics and in the experience of people during the phase of treatment.

This is why Esaote is always looking for challenges and partnerships able to stimulate a new way of interpreting technology. This can be done only by living in close contact with high performing realities in various areas and by directly experiencing relationships, even very different among each other.



Shared Values

At Esaote we have chosen 5 core values as the basis of our global corporate culture. These values define how we want to conduct ourselves and our business, and help us to create value for our stakeholders. 


Collaborative Spirit

Esaote shares the most difficult challenges to get to the most innovative results. The partnership with those who have the vocation to glimpse new goals allows us to experience increasingly cutting-edge technological responses. 


Customer Experience

Esaote technology is the result of the work and commitment shared with numerous scientific partners who provided their skills and passion towards the search for common results. 


Social Innovation

Science and Man share their own system of Progress. Esaote produces devices that enable to make prevention, diagnosis and treatment throughout the development process of the individual from the embryonic state to old age, deemed as a valuable moment of life course thanks to the prevention. 


Work with Us

The ability to see outside of the box, the propensity to give answer through results: these are the two main aptitudes required to work as a team along with those who have already decided to join Esaote group.


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