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The ability to see outside of the box, the propensity to give answer through results: these are the two main aptitudes required to work as a team along with those who have already decided to join Esaote group. 

Work with Us  Work with Us

A common goal for those who work with us is to improve the quality of the diagnostic experience and to make life opportunities related to prevention and treatment more accessible. Every day we ask ourselves how much a detail will have an impact on people.

We look for the collaboration of the best professionals and for this we invest in their satisfaction. In return we offer our international experience and the liveliness of an environment in which imagination quickly takes the form of solutions.

Why Esaote?

ESAOTE is made ​​up of people who imagine new possibilities for persons. Technology that comes from the R&D is premised on providing the most effective solutions for the work of the physician in line with the respect towards the user. In guiding the strategic choices of the company, the Executive Management Team brings together the experience and viewpoints accrued by each subject at an international level. ESAOTE also represents a dynamic environment in which is possible to personally get a professional expertise for those who recognize in biomedical technologies a research area particularly dynamic as well as a stimulating field of social innovation. The great care in creating networks of partnerships with high performance international companies and the importance that the company devotes to the creative approach make ESAOTE a place of personal and professional growth.

Internships and stages

Esaote cooperates with the main universities and education centres. If during your course of study you are interested in having an experience in our company, please send your resume to define together the opportunities and develop training projects that can meet your needs.

How we do things

People currently working in Esaote are over 1.100, 60% in Italy and the remaining in the other countries of the world.   The sought-after titles in Esaote are those of Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Electronics. The international roles are distributed on different functions.

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As Esaote is continuously looking for talented people, feel free to send us your CV. 

For sending a curriculum please refer to local sites filling the specific form. 
We will contact you if a future job opportunity should fit your profile.

Open positions

Esaote is seeking to recruit people who are eager to work in an international, young, dynamic and stimulating environment. If you are a team oriented, enterprising, dynamic and creative person, with a desire to learn and to improve your professionalism, have a look at the positions Esaote is currently offering.


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Esaote LinkedIn Open Positions Esaote LinkedIn Open Positions. If you already have a profile on LinkedIN, click here to apply

Core behaviors

What are core behaviors?

"They are the way in which a person acts and interacts within the company. They are the key measurable behaviors needed to develop a culture of striving to achieve the highest levels of personal and company performance."

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