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Urology: TRUS Dedicated Solutions

Clinical Need: Faster, safe, and efficacious techniques for prostate procedures

In the field of minimally invasive techniques, the need for technological improvements has been increasing dramatically in past few years.

One of the most interesting and promising techniques is the TRUS-MRI navigation system for prostate biopsy thanks to the fact that different imaging modalities could be fused with intrinsic, real-time modalities, such as U.S., to enhance localization capabilities.

TRUS-guided biopsy is recognized as the standard technique for randomized sampling and multiparametric prostate MRI demonstrated the best sensitivity and specificity among all imaging modalities.

Prostate Navigation and Fusion Imaging Solutions in Urology

Virtual Navigator is Esaote’s revolutionary technology for fusion Imaging that allows CT, MR and PET side by side with real-time ultrasound.

Virtual Navigator takes all the advantages of different modalities and provides a real-time, low-cost and radiation-free solution that aims to guide operators in diagnosis, everyday clinical practice, interventional procedures, research and teaching. Virtual Navigator increases your diagnostic confidence!

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Stepper grid for prostate procedures: planning and guiding

Esaote offers the possibility of performing advanced procedures such as thermal ablation with a trans-perineal approach, making use of the biplane probe TRT33 and Classic Stepper by CIVCO.

  • Precise check of transducer placement
  • Accurate needle path control and verification
  • Top control, improving needle placement

A biopsy grid visualization will guide the operator to ensure accurate positioning for prostate cancer detection, targeting, and treatment. In combination with real-time Esaote Fusion Imaging, a dedicated environment has been developed to assist users during cryotherapy, radiofrequency, microwave, and laser ablations.

In addition to the real-time visualization of the matrix grid in combination with Classic Stepper, Virtual Navigator enables:

  • Delineation of lesion margins and computed calculation of lesion volume,
  • Definition of expected necrotic ellipse,
  • Needle tracking capability for several brands of needles,
  • Sample detection and 3D tracking,
  • Targeted biopsy and ablation procedures with multiple kits available
  • Possibility of tracking the biopsy needle in 3D or with any other external device.

Grid layout with real-time ultrasound - Grid for prostate procedures on Virtual Navigator

Esaote’s unique technology, now available with the recent EVOlution upgrade package, provides the most advanced fusion imaging in urology thanks to real-time ultrasound in combination with multiparametric MRI and grid layout available on both MRI and US with fully customizable overlap function.

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