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A twelve months "save-the-date" spot, to learn more about our products and get in touch directly with our operators. Take a look at Esaote's periodic publication in Ultrasound, MRI, IT, Interventional, Vet and in all fields related to the Group.


ESC 2017

ESC 2017

Barcelona (Spain)

European Congress of Cardiology

Website: www.escardio.org


EVDI 2017

EVDI 2017

Verona (Italy)

Congress of European Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging

Website: www.evdi2017.eu

IVUSS 2017

IVUSS 2017

Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Annual Conference of International Veterinary Ultrasound Society

Website: www.ivuss.org

What is the media buzzing about us? A wide selection of articles - both from the national and the international press - plus reports focusing on the Esaote Group, its products and its achieved goals.

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