BMUS 2019

BMUS 2019

10/12/2019 - 12/12/2019
Harrogate, (UK)


Never Stop Seeing the Unseen.

Never Stop Discovering
Limitless Ultrasound Imaging

Cutting-edge integrated technologies delivering a high level of image quality without compromising workflow or efficiency.


ON DECEMBER 10th - 12th BOOTH 1 - 4

for further info please contact or call 01223 424499

Discover More on MyLab<sup>™</sup>9 eXP New EVO3!

MyLabTM9 eXP New EVO3: Beyond Performance and Value

The MyLabTM9 eXP EVO3 latest release further improves the clinical solutions for ultrasound liver examinations and lesion detection:

  • easyScanningasyScanning package (eScanScan, eDopplerDoppler, easyModeasyMode) to simplify image optimization, reduce examination time, increase diagnostic confidence
  • microV hemodynamic analysis for micro-vascularization to maximize sensitivity in small vessels/slow flows
  • QElaXto and QElaXto 2D to deliver accurate tissue stiffness quantitative measure
  • CnTITM new version to offer high sensitivity in CEUS applications
  • Virtual Navigator 3D fusion solution to perform advanced interventional activities

MyLabTM Outstanding Product Line

As a global leader in ultrasound imaging, we are proud to introduce our completely new portfolio: from cart-based complete systems to compact portable products, designed to provide smart solutions for your everyday workflow.

Discover More on Esaote's MyLab<sup>™</sup>Outstanding Product Line

Esaote Never Stops Leveraging
Radiology Imaging

Never Stop Seeing the Unseen in MSK & Rheumatology Imaging

Being a long-standing partner for MSK Radiologists and Rheumatologists, pioneer in High Frenquency Probes, Esaote is constantly developing innovative technologies to facilitate diagnoses and patient follow-up:

  • Very High Frequency Probes up to 24 MHz
  • easyModeasyMode
  • easyColorasyColor
  • microV
  • Follow Up
  • QPack for Color Doppler quantification
  • ElaXto - QElaXto & QElaXto 2D for stiffness quantification

Discover more about the new BreastNav technology.

Never Stop Seeing the Unseen in Breast Scanning

Constantly searching for innovative solutions, Esaote integrates Artificial Intelligence to offer some easyScanning and easyQuantification tools in its ultrasound devices.

  • BreastNav
  • easyModeasyMode & easyColorasyColor
  • eScanScan
  • microV
  • Follow Up with mammography
  • ElaXto - QElaXto & QElaXto 2D for stiffness quantification

Never Stop Seeing the Unseen in Liver Assessment

With its visionary approach to continuous innovation, Esaote was a pioneer in Interventional Imaging and developed the Virtual Navigator fusion imaging modality. Esaote offers a complete package for liver assessment, both in the daily routine and during the advanced procedures:

  • eScanScan
  • microV
  • Follow Up
  • QPack for CEUS quantification
  • ElaXto - QElaXto & QElaXto 2D for stiffness  quantification
  • Virtual Navigator 3D fusion imaging with needle tracking

Esaote@BMUS Ultrasound Workshops & Hands-on Training Sessions

As bronze sponsor partner, Esaote will support the BMUS Ultrasound Workshops & Hands-on Practical Training Sessions with the new MyLabTM9 system ON DECEMBER 10-11-12.
Get updated on the latest advances in the field of ultrasound and enjoy the practical sessions led by highly renowned specialists.

Day 1

  • 11.30 - 13.00: Perfecting Liver and DopplerTechnique

Day 2

  • 08.30 - 10.00: Top Tips for Liver Imaging- Segments and Doppler
  • 10.30 - 12.00: Liver Elastography
  • 13.00 - 14.30: Obstetrics Practical

Day 3

  • 09.00 - 13.00: MSK Practical Training
Esaote - Committed to Education


December 10th - 12th - Harrogate (UK)
Booth 1 - 4

For further info please contact or call 01223 424499

Never Stop Seeing the Unseen.

Never Stop Seeing the Unseen.

There is a universe to explore. It’s inside us. Either by ultrasound, magnetic resonance or information technology, Esaote will always keep exploring a universe with obscure areas, hard to reach and show: human being.

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