ESAVS 2019

ESAVS 2019

11/10/2019 - 22/10/2019
Novara, (ITALY)


Never Stop Elevating Your Vet Experience

Never Stop Elevating Your Vet Experience.

As human beings, we are constantly exploring the universe inside of us. But the human body is not the limit. Even animals have some secrets to unlock.

That’s why ESAOTE has always been an ideal partner in finding dedicated diagnostic imaging solutions for veterinary needs.

A Company that is continuously improving its systems through increasingly advanced technology: to make your life easier, to make their life better, to make you go higher, to never stop elevating your vet experience.


Esaote never stops being Committed to Education

Being one of the historical partners of the ESAVS-European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies, we will work side by side with veterinarian doctors, teachers and students to make their ultrasound experience unique: we never stop supporting Education in veterinary practice.

Esaote never stops being Committed to Education
Discover the new Esaote's MyLabVET Outstanding Product Line

MyLabTMVET Outstanding Product Line

As a global leader in ultrasound veterinary imaging, we are proud to introduce our completely new portfolio: from cart-based complete systems to compact portable products, designed to provide smart solutions for your everyday workflow.


Esaote never stops leveraging Ultrasound Veterinary Medicine

Our mission is to follow you all the way: we go the extra mile to support you with our community of high-profile specialists, proposing continuous advanced trainings and educational events.

ESAOTE state-of-the-art tools allow you to reach the highest diagnostic level saving time and giving extra value to your everyday clinical activity.

Esaote never stops leveraging Ultrasound Veterinary Medicine
Never Stop Elevating Your Vet Experience.


Cardiology IV - October 11th - 15th
Cardiology V - October 16th - 20th
Ultrasonography - Introduction
October 18th - 22nd

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