ESRA 2015

02/09/2015 - 05/09/2015
Ljubljana, (Slovenia)


Discover MyLab™Gamma, smart highly portable ultrasound
MyLab™Seven with Crystaline eHD Technology
MyLab™One - Regional Anaesthesia

XHF Image Quality

XHF Image Quality

  eXtreme High Frequency Imaging, delivering an outstanding quality with our systems and iQProbe technology, with excellent 18MHz frequency for detailed images and clear view of superficial structures.

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Read More about eTouch facility and MyLibrary features

Focus on Workflow with
Read More about eTouch facility and MyLibrary featuresTouch™ facility & MyLibrary exclusive features

Thanks to Read More about eTouch facility and MyLibrary featuresTouch™ the operator can quickly access the right settings in one touch, selecting both transducer and preset change.
MyLibrary provides support for beginners: the innovative application dedicated tool for users' reference includes anatomical atlas and “How to do” reference images*.

Read More about eTouch facility and MyLibrary featuresRead Esaote Clinical Papers

* applied to specific products

iQProbes Technology

iQProbes Technology

High-standard ergonomics with the exclusive appleprobe design. Its built-in transducer controls allow remote function control presettable from the user, especially useful for quick actions and in sterile conditions.

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Meet the Expert Ultrasound live demo session at Booth N. 1
Join the Esaote Focus On Regional Anaesthesia & Pain Therapy at ESRA 2015 - Booth N. 1
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