• Dedicated MRI Systems: diagnostic imaging systems and clinical applications

    Over 30 years of innovation in the field of dedicated musculoskeletal MRI results in cost-effective systems that provide clinicians with outstanding image quality, flexibility, ease of use, and patient comfort.
    We were the first to develop dedicated MR systems for knee, shoulder and extremity imaging. Recently, we created G-scan Brio, a cutting-edge weight-bearing MRI system focused on MSK and spine imaging procedures. With more than 2,400 Esaote MRI systems installed around the world, from large hospitals to private clinics, orthopedic/sports medicine centers, rheumatology practices, podiatric offices and trauma departments, we’re the leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of dedicated MRI systems.

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Dedicated MRI Systems Applications

MSK Imaging

MSK Imaging

Esaote's Dedicated Musculoskeletal MR imaging systems provide clinicians a wide range of applications...

Dedicated MRI Systems for MSK Imaging



Since 1993, Esaote has broadened its product offering, gaining industry recognition as a pioneer and innovator in Dedicated MRI

Dedicated MRI Systems for Weight-Bearing



All Esaote Dedicated MRI systems include a complete set of receiving coils specially designed to guarantee very high sensitivity, patient friendliness and the best exam performance.


connectivity mri


Esaote Dedicated MRI systems come complete with network, archiving and documentation features to work as either stand alone or part of an integrated environment


clinical images mri

Clinical Images

Thanks to a combination of dedicated MSK sequences, advanced RF coils, better computing technology and optimized magnet homogeneity, Esaote MRI systems deliver high resolution MSK images with good acquisition times.


eXP technology

eXP Technology

eXP Technology is the culmination of Esaote’s fully dedicated R&D commitment to meet the increasingly technical demands of modern medicine. By combining sophisticated acquisition and reconstruction methods, eXP substantially improves MRI exams by reducing scan times and improving image quality


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EVOlution is Esaote’s continuous improvement program which ensures products and services enhancement as well as increased customer satisfaction.


MRI Factbook

The Dedicated MRI Factbook

The growing family of innovative dedicated MRI systems boasts common features such as ease of use, open ergonomic design that guarantees optimal patient comfort and cost effectiveness.
The positive cost-benefit ratio that can be attributed to Esaote’s MRI systems is particularly attractive.


mri customer care

Dedicated MRI Systems Customer Care

Fast, high quality after-sales service is a hallmark of Esaote Dedicated MRI systems. Thanks to the built-in remote service capability, we can quickly resolve issues to help you stay productive.


mri siting

Dedicated MRI Systems Siting

All Esaote Dedicated MRI systems are “one room” systems, which means that the complete system, magnet, electronics and console can be installed in a single room with limited space requirements.


Dedicated MRI Video Channel

Esaote brings G-Scan Brio MRI to the U.K.

Esaote has installed its G-scan Brio MRI scanner at Glan Clwyd Hospital in North Wales. The facility is the first recipient in the U.K. National Health Service (NHS) of the company's weight-bearing scanner for all musculoskeletal imaging, including neck, shoulder, spine, and extremities.

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Tristate Brain & Spine Institute one year experience

The one year experience demonstrates how weight-bearing MRI of the Spine is fundamental to change the clinical perspective and the Surgical Planning. G-Scan Brio is the perfect answer for all those patients experiencing positional symptoms.

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eXP Technology: the Revolution in Dedicated MRI is Now!

Faster MRI: shorter examination times mean more comfort for patient and better system economics. Better MRI: better image quality aides your diagnosis and improves marketing of your MRI service.

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Clinical implications of WB MRI of the lumbar spine

G-scan Brio - Education: Clinical implications of Weight-Bearing MRI of the lumbar spine and the potential to improve patient treatment and outcome.

Courtesy of: Dr. Mikael Boesen - Head of MSK Research and Specialist in Radiology at Dept. of Radiology, Bispebjerg & Frederiksberg Hospital and Parker Institute - Copenhagen, Denmark

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Up-right MRI of the lumbo-sacral spine: 10 yrs after

G-scan Brio - Education: Up-right MRI of the lumbo-sacral spine: 10 years after.

Courtesy of: Prof. Massimo Gallucci - Professor and Chairman of Neuroradiology, University of L'Aquila - Head of Neuroradiology Unit - S. Salvatore Hospital, Italy

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Dedicated Extremity MRI - Take Pride in Performance with O-scan!

The O-Scan is the new outstanding MRI for extremities the world has been waiting for. The O-scan offers a complete range of high quality imaging capabilities for extremities whilst providing an optimal patient experience, thanks to its unique ergonomics and open design.

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EVOlution Upgrade Package

The latest version of Esaote continuous improvement program: ongoing close collaboration between clinicians and Esaote’s R&D teams ensures the Esaote range of Ultrasound, Dedicated MRI and Healthcare IT products remain at the cutting edge in terms of sw and hw capability.

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G-scan Brio: New Open Non Claustrophobic MRI Scan

The new ESAOTE G-scan Brio is the revolutionary Open MRI system for all musculoskeletal applications, from a simple knee to weight-bearing spine.

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