ECR 2018 Live Oral Presentations

At ECR 2018 several Live Oral Presentations involving Esaote MRI systems will be held, covering dedicated MRI applications and technologies topics:

B-0300 Heels: the higher, the better? Weight-bearing MRI evaluation of the forefoot in women during heeled-shoes wearing

Congress: ECR 2018
Session: Joint imaging
Session Date/Time: Wednesday, February 28 14:00 - 15:30
Room: Room D SS 310
Authors: C. Gianneramo, F. Bruno, S. Quarchioni, E. Cannizzaro, P. Palumbo, S. Mariani, F. Arrigoni, A. Barile, C. Masciocchi; L‘Aquila/IT

B-0436 Weight-bearing MRI evaluation of Modic changes: uncovering the “biomechanical stress” and “active discopathy” therories in low back pain

Congress: ECR 2018
Session: Spine imaging
Session Date/Time: Thursday, March 1 10:30 - 12:00
Room: Room C SS 610a
Authors: F. Bruno, C. Marsecano, M. Micelli, A. Splendiani, C. Masciocchi; L‘Aquila/IT





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