Suitestensa EP Lab

Suitestensa EP Lab

The New EP Data Management Solution to complete your CVIS Enterprise Suite

Discover SUITESTENSA EP Lab, the new EP Data Management Solution conceived to complete your CVIS Enterprise Suite. SUITESTENSA EP Lab manages all clinical cardiac electrophysiology aspects, including the evaluation and management of cardiac rhythm abnormalities, invasive electrophysiology studies, ablations, implantation of permanent pacemakers and implantable cardiac defibrillators, cardiac resynchronization therapy, management of arrhythmias.

SUITESTENSA EP Lab: A single DB for all Electrophysiology Studies management

  • Integrated into CVIS PACS workflow
  • Procedural and Clinical Data
  • Warehouse
  • Integrated Imaging
  • Dedicated Structured Reports for each procedure and pathology (PM, ICD/CRT, EP, ABLATION)
  • International Datasets
  • Implant Management
  • European PM/ICD Patient Identification Card
  • Follow up
  • Device neutral data management for PM/ICD Patient
  • Powerful search engine and statistics
  • Integration with cardiac mapping devices

Implant data management and Follow Up: the utmost importance of an accurate record keeping

Follow up is a crucial aspect of PM/ICD Patients. Through a standardized reading and saving of data imported from the devices, SUITESTENSA EP Lab manages all the follow up data. Collecting all EP Lab data including implant reports, generators and leads parameters, procedural data, follow up notes and medical letters in a single database, SUITESTENSA EP Lab allows a complete management of PM/ICD patients and a complete traceability of devices data.

Integration with National Pacemaker\ICD Databases

SUITESTENSA EP Lab cooperates with the Italian Society for Arrhythmology and Cardiac Stimulation (AIAC) in collecting and managing a national PM/ICD database that offers information on present and past CIED devices for each patient and general data on the function of pulse generators and leads from as wide a field as possible.

European PM/ICD Patient Identification Card: responsible traceability over the years

SUITESTENSA EP Lab emphasises close cooperation between the physician, technician and the centre responsible for care of PM Patients. Most of all, follow up of patients must be easily at disposal and shareable: thanks to the European Pacemaker Registration Card, automatically available with SUITESTENSA EP Lab, the patient remains always traceable, and with related data safely stored.

SUITESTENSA Cardio Review: Cardiology advanced image visualization and reporting, management and processing

EP labs perform a high volume of procedures and cardiac imaging; SUITESTENSA EP Lab is natively integrated with SUITESTENSA Cardio Review to allow, during the reporting phase and using a single interface, the contextual visualization and processing of images, run and data sheet.

Based on an innovative concept of visualization and customizable configuration, SUITESTENSA Cardio Review is the professional software specifically designed for the visualization and processing of medical images.

SUITESTENSA PACS: Workflow, Processing, Integration, Scalability beyond all limits

To complete the EP Lab management solution, SUITESTENSA EP Lab natively integrates with SUITESTENSA PACS, the enterprise-wide server system for radiology and cardiology diagnostic image acquisition, archiving, distribution and management over local or remote networks of multi-departmental and multi-site healthcare departments:


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