ESSR 2018

ESSR 2018

13/06/2018 - 16/06/2018
Amsterdam, (The Netherlands)


JUNE 2018
Join Esaote@ESSR2018 and discover the new MyLab<sup>™</sup>9

Beyond Performance and Value

Esaote’s new ultra-performance MyLab9 ultrasound platform is designed to support a full range of shared service diagnostic imaging environments. Take ultra-control of your images with unique visualization tools, and view results with clarity and sensitivity to help make more informed clinical decisions. Experience the ultra-comfort of Italian-designed ergonomics and an ultra-easy user interface that increases productivity. The MyLab9 ultrasound platform provides unprecedented power to drive more confident, better informed healthcare decisions without compromise, at an ultra-value.

MyLabEight eXP: MPowered eXPerience in Ultrasound

MyLabEight eXP is the culmination of Esaote’s commitment to R&D in order to meet the increasing demands of modern healthcare in terms of outstanding image quality and ease of use, representing the complete solution for the most demanding clinical activity.

Discover MyLab<sup>™</sup>Eight eXP

Top Performance In Action

MyLabAlpha, with eHD Technology focused on real diagnostic value has been designed to offer Top Performance Ultrasound and high dynamism in very reduced size and weight. A wide range of accessories, makes MyLabAlpha as comfortable as a mainframe system, when it is used in a stationary mode.

Discover MyLab<sup>™</sup>Alpha
EVOlution: Increasing the Value of Your Investment in dedicated MRI

  • NEW O-scan Premium for High Performance extremity MRI
  • NEW AgileExam: the next step in Esaote MRI workflow improvement
  • Maximize Return On Investment
  • Optimal patient care and comfort
Discover our Dedicated MRI Solutions

ESSR 2018 HIGHLIGHTS in MSK Ultrasound & Weight-bearing MRI

Get updated on the latest advances in modern musculoskeletal radiology focused on the theme “Muscle and Nerve”.
The US Workshop program is separated into two different sections: a half-day course on basic and advanced US of the shoulder, and a full-day masterclass course on nerve US, both designed with a mix of lectures, live demonstrations, and hands-on tutoring.
Discover the Educational Posters focused on Weight-bearing MRI.

Esaote Committed to Education
Discover more about ESSR 2018 HIGHLIGHTS in MSK Ultrasound & Weight-bearing MRI
Join Esaote Focus on MSK Radiology at ESSR 2018
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